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Paramount+ News

Paramount+ News Rate Hike. Again. September 13, 2023 — No one is earning money and everyone wants it. From the writer’s strike to the YouTube streaming debacle, everyone is crying over earnings. While Paramount+ isn’t really responsible for much in unique content, they’ve doubled subscribers since 2021 from a little over 30 million to 61

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Disney+ News

This Month’s Disney+ Streaming News Ahsoka in Theaters One Day Only September 7, 2023 —  Star Wars Ahsoka fans mark your calendar for September 12th if you want to take advantage of a one-time event. Ahsoka is currently playing on Disney+ and enjoying some modest success depending on who you ask. Either way, if you

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Netflix News

Netflix September 2023 Streaming News Finally! Directors’ Vision Doesn’t Get in the Way September 6, 2023 — Netflix has another runaway hit with One Piece. Japanese manga writer and illustrator Eiichiro Oda‘s 1997 comic has been respectfully brought to life on the big screen in a way that can’t be compared to anything seen on

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The Latest MCU News

The MCU is where Marvel canon is loosely interpreted for the uninitiated Marvel movie fans. Read about all that influences the original characters as they come to the big screen, from actors to behind-scenes gossip through 2023.  2023 MCU News From the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pop Culture Press offers you a unique perspective on everything

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Netflix News and September 2023 New Releases

Netflix Streaming September 2023 New Releases September 1st: A Day and a Half (2023) Netflix Original Arrival (2016) Bakugan (Season 1) Couples Retreat (2009) Disenchantment (Part 5) Netflix Original Fences (2016) Friday Night Plan (2023) Netflix Original Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Happy Ending (2023) Netflix Original LOVE IS BLIND: After the Altar (Season 4) Netflix Original

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Max News

Warner Bros. Discovery Max Streaming News August 2023 CNN on Max August 24, 2023 — In a desperate move to find viewers, CNN has practically given away the cow to Max for streaming. In 2022 CNN+ jumped into the streaming market at a cost of  300 million dollars and failed miserably.  It launched on March

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Paramount+ News and September 2023 New Releases

Paramount+ Streaming September 2023 New Releases September 7: Star Trek: Lower Decks (Season 4) premiere September 8: Dreaming Whilst Black premiere September 12: Football Must Go On premiere September 13: MTV Video Music Awards September 17: The Gold premiere September 18: Superpower premiere September 22: Deadlocked: How America Shaped the Supreme Court premiere September 26:

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