Top Streaming Programs January 8-24 2024

January Streaming Stats

Netflix is the big winner the first half of January with fifty percent of the top programs across all streaming services. The loser may be Disney+ with Echo barely making it into the top ten. Word is the show just meandered without establishing any discernable plot along with an angry unsympathetic main character. Disney+ and Hulu both even went as far as to drop the entire season’s episodes at once.  Meanwhile Prime Video’s Season 2 of Reacher has been releasing episodes weekly and looks to maintain a top spot all month long as the last episode drops by the third week of January. Peacock made it’s play in the top ten with Ted, a comedy series based of the popular films by the same name. 


Top Streaming Programs (January 8-14, 2024)

Placement Program Name Streaming Service
1 Fool Me Once S1 Netflix Logo
2 Reacher S2 Amazon Prime Video
3 Lift Netflix Logo
4 Society of the Snow Netflix Logo
5 The Equalizer S3 Netflix Logo
6 Ted S1 Peacock Streaming Logo
7 Percy Jackson and the Olympians S1
8 The Brothers Sun Netflix Logo
9 Echo S1 Disney+ Hulu Streaming
10 Role Play Amazon Prime Video
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