Apple TV+ August 2023 News and New Releases

Apple TV Plus August 2023 New Releases

August 2
Physical (Season 3)
August 4
Eva the Owlet
August 9
Strange Planet
August 18
Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie
August 23
Invasion (Season 2)
August 25
Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn (4-Part Series)

Apple TV+ News 

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Apple TV Ads Animation Original

Every streaming service has attempted to set itself apart with flagship originals. While Apple has yet to establish a ‘must see’ original (Ted Lasso comes close) to build its subscription base, it has done a solid job in filling all the slots in genre originals. One slot they look to fill is animation. Perhaps Strange Planet will be another solid reason for new subscribers to join in. The Nathan W. Pyle webcomic has a devoted following with support from co-creator and producer Dan Harmon as it transitions to live animation. It airs for ten episodes on August 9th with a couple dropping the first week with new episodes weekly. 


Apple TV’s 7 New Features

Apple has increased the functionality of Apple TV. Here’s a rundown. 

  1. New Control Center: Just load the app and the dashboard displays a new inset of user icons similar to what you’d find in Max, Netflix, and Disney+.
  2. Phone Screensavers: Use your own photos 
  3. App in the Doc: New for Apple TV users
  4. Video Calls: Now you can video call through your TV
  5. Profile Recognition: Load your Apple TV app on your phone and it automatically recognizes you
  6. Find Your Remote: Your phone can now find your remote
  7. Enhanced Dialogue: It’s an option you can only use with a HomePod.
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