Big Daddy Kane and the ASL Interpreter

The Truth about Big Daddy Kane’s ASL Interpreter Mistake

Out of Line or Out of Context? American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters are being used more and more at concerts for deaf audience members. Unfortunately, someone forget to let Big Daddy Kane know at his concert at Eaglebank Arena in Fairfax Virginia on Friday, January the 14th 2022. The famous American rapper from the 80s… Read More

Latest Promotion Shows Why This Company Is One of Delaware’s Top 10 Best Places To Work

A Bold Move by One of Delaware’s Premiere Businesses Pays Off Steve Dietz is promoted to President of Choice Remodeling Steve Dietz Is Making Choice Remodeling A Household Name Delaware is smack in the middle of the mid-Atlantic region. It gets its fair share of freak storms, occasional tornados, and hurricane damage. One company in… Read More