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Galactus Leaked For Fantastic Four

The rumor mill is claiming the Silver Surfer won’t be the Fantastic Four’s protagonist when they debut in the MCU. It will be Galactus. Rumors further claim the role is already cast. The film plot is thought to introduce the FF by way of Reed Richards and his team being stuck in the 1960s after attempts to tinker with the time travel technology revealed by Tony Stark in End Game. 

How Jeremy Renner Became Injured In His Snow Plow Accident

He hasn’t tweeted about it, nor has any family member or friend revealed the reason why he was caught under his snow plow on January 5, 2023. It took a request of the Nevada sheriff’s department incident report by CNN to get to the truth. Jeremy Renner was attempting a heroic act. According to the report, Renner had initially left the cab of the snow plow when he realized it was sliding sideways. In doing so, it began to roll down the hill in front of his home and was headed toward his nephew. In that split second, Renner decided to re-enter the cab of his Pistenbully to stop it as it headed toward his family member and divert its path. He never made it to the cab. When Renner jumped up on the moving tracks of the Pistenbully, he was pulled down to the left by the tracks and pulled under the moving snow plow. It continued on leaving Renner with crushed bones and internal injuries. His family came to his aid and stayed with him until emergency personnel arrived. Renner has been hospitalized since with a collapsed chest and over 30 broken bones according to the MCU Hawkeye actor. 

Hugh Jackman’s First Ryan Reynolds Troll of 2023

It’s been just five days into 2023 and Hugh Jackman has taken the first shot of 2023 at Ryan Reynolds ahead of their Deadpool 3 team-up.

She-Hulk Nomination Criticized

The Marvel series She-Hulk released on Disney+ in 2022 has been nominated for an award in VFX. The show itself was extremely divisive among heritage fans and a younger audience in search of characters their generation relates to. Now the show has one more group criticizing it. In the wake of the 21st annual Visual Effects Society Awards nomination for Outstanding Animated Character in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project, fans in every camp are united in criticizing the nomination. Many argued for other show characters to calling the effects outright appalling. However, one Redditor gave the most balanced criticism that anyone could relate to, Oh boy… I loved the show and had no problem with the VFX given the platform and budget, but no way was it award-winning work.

Jeremy Renner In Near Death Accident on New Year’s Day

Marvel’s Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner in Critical, but stable condition, after an accident. On Sunday, New Year’s Day 2023, Jeremey Renner was in a weather-related accident involving a snow plow. It is thought to have taken place near a property of his in Nevada while he was plowing snow but has not been confirmed. The area experienced a New Year’s eve storm. His family is said to be at his bedside. Renner owns and operates heavy machinery including a 20,000 lb Kodiak Northwest Idaho Norland snow blower. 

Marvel Announces Answers to Timeline But You’ll Have To Wait Until September

Marvel Studios has teamed up with Penguin books for an entire book on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) timeline. Aptly titled, Marvel Studios The Marvel Cinematic Universe An Official Timeline, is available for pre-order with a release date of September 5, 2023. Hired to take on the task in writing the timeline are a trio of Marvel experts. Anthony Breznican is a seasoned journalist who has written for most major publications from Vanity Fair to the Associated Press. Next is a film journalist, Rebecca Theodor-Vachon followed by Amy Ratcliffe. Amy has previous similar works coving the Star Wars universe. 
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