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Proof of What Broke the MCU Timeline & Characters

September 6, 2023 — True comic book readers who dive into its history and the people involved in creating superhero characters know that when it comes to the Marvel comic book universe, continuity was taken very seriously. While variants and multi-verses came about, there was also a main or prime universe. Marvel’s Prime Universe has a number, Earth-616  while over in DC they use numbers for all variant universes and use only the word Prime for their main universe. For you trivia buffs, Marvel’s Prime Universe began in 1961. Stan Lee was the sole decision maker and he designated the Fantastic Four issue #1 as the inception of Earth-616, although he isn’t the man credited with naming it. That honor goes to famed Watchmen writer, Alan Moore.  The story behind that story is that Moore wanted the main Marvel universe to be no more important than the others and selected a non-descript number, 616. 

Still, the Marvel universe was curated with an almost iron grip of control by the then Editor in Chief of Marvel comics, Stan Lee. He fostered an understanding throughout the company that characters could visit other characters’ stories but needed to maintain their continuity throughout all their outside journeys. Many writers added to an existing character’s lore but they generally did not retroactively reset continuity (retcon) without going through Stan Lee. 

So where does the MCU fit in the Marvel universe? Well, for starters, it doesn’t, or — it didn’t. Well, it wasn’t supposed to. We will get to that. Just know that when the MCU came about it was meant to lean on the characters of Earth-616 but not so much their stories. The MCU has only ever borrowed concepts, it’s rarely followed an original story or respected canon. The MCU is not a comic book, it’s a ‘live-action’ universe that was originally designated Earth-199999. 

With Stan Lee’s passing and Marvel being more and more of a Disney operation, the MCU has taken on the name of Earth-616 largely in the wake of exposing a multi-verse in Avengers Endgame, the streaming/TV series Loki, and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. and of course Ant-Man: Quantumania. These stories introduced and began to establish the multiverse comic book readers knew of all along. It had no one to act as a curating guide. 

Let’s get to how this foundation in understanding the Marvel universe relates to what has broken the MCU.  That is change by internal politics and even external politics. Not the type of politics running the government, we are speaking of social politics. 

The year was 2012.  Avengers (2012) collected four A-level superheroes in a team-up and two things happened.  Kevin Fiege became the new Stan Lee and became a weak target of what was to come next. Feige found himself surrounded by a young generation of writers who brought a change to Marvel as they mocked and disregarded comic book faithful.  Instead of creating new characters, they appropriated them and disregarded any history in the Marvel universe. Examples such as making Thor a female, instead of making another female character equal to Thor in power. 

Before you decide this is a racist or stuck-in-the-past POV article, hold your judgment. Consider that years before Gen Z writers began burning down and rebuilding what they wanted, many progressive writers took a more friendly approach to change that didn’t break Marvel. One example is how Brian Bendis wanted a superhero for his daughter that by his own characterization, ‘matched her skin color’. He created a black Spider-Man (great storyline), and to his credit, he created a black Spider-Man in a variant (Earth-1610) universe. In contrast, Generation Z writers employ social politics as leverage in replacing anything they desire in the Marvel print and film universes.

With this movement taking place and Feige at the helm of Marvel under Disney — the tail inevitably began to wag the dog. But from 2008 through 2012, the MCU had continuity. When did it begin to break? 

The current head of the MCU is Kevin Feige. He came about his position by being at the right place at the right time by assisting with Sam Rami’s Spider-Man films and moved on to Marvel with Ron Perlmutter at the helm when Marvel finally launched their own film studios. Early on, Feige didn’t fully feel the power of his role in the Marvel Universe and took a more relaxed approach to managing the MCU while he followed Stan Lee’s original philosophy of maintaining character continuity if they participated in stories outside their own. Some attribute this to Ron Perlmutter’s involvement that kept Fiege over the target of what the MCU was all about. Perlmutter was ousted after many years of in-fighting with Feige and with Disney buying up Marvel, Bob Iger opted to save Fiege from being axed (2017) and jettisoned Perlmutter allowing him to be vilified for his position on making Marvel movies that catered to the original fan base and not to a new generation of viewers. 

Looking back it isn’t hard to see that over the years Kevin Feige’s power reached a point where he began to take himself too seriously. It was around 2017 that the MCU began its road to mismanagement.  

Feige was a paper tiger all along. In addition, Feige eventually revealed he didn’t have a real plan early on with the MCU. He just kind of honored the characters and canon to a degree. So as Iron Man (2008) set the stage for real live-action superhero movies to become blockbuster material, a lifetime of comic book readers were finally rewarded with characters on screen that looked and behaved like the ones in comic books.  When Avengers came about in 2012, a new generation of writers was being hired across all platforms. From comic book print to scripted TV series and media organizations such as Disney.  

And here we are many stories later after Avengers End Game. Every person who has ever watched all the MCU superhero movies will tell you that the party ended with Avengers: Endgame. Since 2017, every Marvel film has been a bust except for Guardians of the Galaxy III, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Sony’s Miles Morales Spider-Man films. They all share one thing in common. They don’t have Kevin Fiege or his legion of agenda-oriented Disney managers, staff, and writers influencing the work. 

The MCU has no leader to manage its continuity or curate the stories let alone map out a real path. Films and stories have been changed and canceled at a relentless pace. All of which has left the timeline and continuity a mess. It’s not as far gone as what Star Wars had done with The Force Awakens, but the MCU is on the brink of being broken to the point it will be in permanent DC reboot mode. 


Suddenly Kang, Errr — Jonathan Majors is Back

August 23, 2023 — Has anyone noticed that the once alienated Jonathan Majors is now once again featured all over Marvel in relation to Kang? Once he had cleared himself of charges by a female friend, Marvel and Disney+ were back in full force with the Kang theme which seems to be a huge part of their next phase. You’ll find articles all over regarding LoKi season two with Kang. Other storylines in films discuss his involvement. It’s all good again. The real question is that if Jonathan Majors had been convicted of any wrongdoing, why abort Kang? That seemed to be their prior path. As far as Pop Culture Press had been concerned, we took a very sober and objective approach to his off-screen situation.  While everyone is happy to see what appears to be an innocent man continue to earn his livelihood, there does still seem to be a cloud of concern surrounding his demeanor offscreen. If that is the case, shouldn’t Marvel have made changes based on that concern and not merely if he was found guilty of a crime? Don’t read this wrong.  This publication isn’t taking any side. It’s simply posing the question that how we determine who we hold up and put down seems to be an odd standard. It’s an introspective question for everyone. 

Jonathan Majors MCU Update

Marvel’s Kang the Conqueror portrayed by Jonathan Majors has been in question since his assault arrest in March of 2023.  The incident seems to indicate he aggressively manhandled the female recklessly into an awaiting car. Her head was abrasively hit along her ear with a similar injury to her finger. There was originally an accusation of a neck injury but that claim was dropped at a May 9th hearing. Since Major’s arrest, he’s denied the allegations of the 30-year-old female accuser.

The misdemeanor assault and aggravated harassment charges have resulted in months of speculation over Disney & Marvel keeping the actor on as Kang. On June 14th a Disney+ MCU special with Majors was unceremoniously pulled from an anticipated premiere. Meanwhile, the Majors’ defense claims to have video and text message evidence contrary to the allegations. They’ve presented imagery showing the accuser out at a club using her hands without any indication of harm. In addition, the defense claims the driver of the vehicle where the incident took place says that nothing in her claim took place. The latest turn is a court date has been set for August 3rd. Meanwhile, Majors appears to be slowly written out of the MCU but still has a small shot of remaining on as Kang if his fortune changes in court this August. 

Marvel Legend Passes At Age 93

Comics were molded by some names that have become legendary across DC and Marvel. One contemporary artist stands out with some of the most memorable covers of our time.  On June 12, 2023, John Romita Sr., passed at the age of 93.  He illustrated for Marvel comics as an inker and penciler. He’s best known for his work on Spider-Man, drawing over 50 covers and creating villains from Rhino to Wilson Fisk.  His work is carried on by his son John Romita Jr. who has also become a huge name in the industry. 

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Blu-ray Extras

If you are looking for a reason to add another Marvel movie to your Blu-ray collection, Quantumania may not be for you. It’s got the usual outtakes but only two deleted scenes that are not described in any way to perk your curiosity. One is of Scott drinking the oooz, and the other is another reaction piece from Verb related to him learning he has holes. The one single extra worthwhile may be a full audio commentary by the director and writer. The disc cover is almost retro 80s.

Gunns’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Easter Eggs

Spoilers. Here’s a collection of Easter Eggs from James Gunn himself. Let’s go. Groot didn’t actually say, “I love you guys.” That was Gunn’s gift to the audience letting us hear what “I’m am Groot” was translated to at that moment. He explained it was his way of telling the audience that they were now a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy family. One of the child prisoners is Phyla-Vell, the daughter of Captain Marvel (Original Mar-Vell). Look for her signature white hair. Howard the Duck (Seth Green) has now had a cameo in all three films and redesigned each time in an effort to get his look right. Chris Pratt got the honor of dropping the MCU’s first F-bomb (which was improvised).  Star-Lord didn’t have his signature helm or boots in this last go around due to the sudden attack on the Guardians at Knowhere and technically was destroyed in Vol. 2. Drax quotes Han Solo and others from Star Wars, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”  Pete Davidson was under a mask playing Phlektik (henchman for High Evolutionary). Peter Quill’s bedroom includes parts of his destroyed ship the Milano. The Kevin Bacon thread established in Vol. 1. is referenced in the post-credits scene in the Newspaper. Peter is also toting the same backpack he was abducted with as a child.  James Gunn cameoed in disguise. He played Lambshank (a High Evolutionary experiment gone horribly wrong).  Redbone’s Come and Get Your Love was a meta moment Easter Egg call-back to Star-Lord’s entrance in Vol. 1. The line referencing Star-Lord as the  Legendary Star-Lord is the name of his solo comic book run from 2014-2015, written by Sam Humphries. Kraglin gives Quill a Zune, not an iPod because they didn’t exist during the time of 90s music. The color and design of the space suits the Guardians wear to break into Orgocorp are a nod to 2001: A Space Odyssey

Noteworthy. Gunn says there are not going to be any extended cuts.  Tara Strong replaced Miley Cyrus to voice Mainframe.  Drax finally danced. The team’s suits are actually comic-book-accurate. The story takes place in 2026. 

Feige’s Off-Limits Iron Man Laundry Scenes Explains A Lot

You have to ask yourself if Marvel was guided by the best, or was the early stuff best because it had so little guidance. Let’s face it. The early Marvel Phase One and Two established Marvel as the benchmark in superhero filmmaking. For years we assumed it was due to Kevin Feige’s genius. But it may actually have been because he actually operated as a guide and not a dictator.  Recently it came to light that Kevin Feige began to say no to things that worked, as the Phases grew in popularity. Iron Man came out in 2005, and by 2012, he was micro-managing to the point that even deleted scenes had to be approved by him if they were to see the light of day.  Former Marvel producer Jeremy Latcham, recently interviewed to promote Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and brought up a Marvel decision Feige made in 2012. Latcham suggested that both he and Feige didn’t understand filmmaking as well as their directors. The two discussed if three to four deleted scenes of Tony Stark and Abu doing laundry to steal machine parts from their captors should be included in a boxed set. While the scenes showed off Tony’s shrewd mental prowess, Feige made it clear that the scenes were so bad they would embarrass the company and give people cause to doubt they had a handle on their long-term plans at all. You’ll never see those deleted scenes, but this factoid explains a lot about where Marvel is now in their long-term filmmaking. You can watch the entire interview with Latcham on YouTube

Key On and Off-Screen Members Return For Deadpool III

From the characters Peter, his cab driver Dopinder, and blind Al, to the writing team, Deadpool III seems to be keeping its same team for the Marvel Universe. Two returning alumni are Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Reese and Wernick, were fans of the Deadpool comic book character and had a genuine grasp of his tone and humor. This familiarity with the character allowed them to create a faithful adaptation of Deadpool for the big screen, which was one of the key factors in the film’s success.

Rhett Reese remains an important figure in the Deadpool movie franchise due to his role as one of the film’s original screenwriters. Reese, along with his writing partner Paul Wernick, wrote the screenplay for the 2016 film “Deadpool,” which went on to become a critical and commercial success.

Reese and Wernick also wrote the screenplay for the 2018 sequel “Deadpool 2.” The duo’s writing style, which incorporates humor and irreverence, was a key factor in the films’ popularity among fans. Reese’s contributions to the franchise have been recognized by industry professionals, earning him nominations for awards such as the WGA Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form. Overall,

Rhett Reese’s work as a screenwriter has been instrumental in shaping the tone and style of the Deadpool franchise, helping to establish it as a unique and beloved part of the superhero genre. Rhett does not have a background in writing comics related to Deadpool. Before his work on the Deadpool movies, Reese was primarily known for his work as a screenwriter for films such as “Zombieland” and “G.I. Joe: Retaliation.”

Before his work on the Deadpool movies, Wernick had experience writing for television, including the series “The Joe Schmo Show” and “The Joe Schmo Show 2.” He also wrote and produced several films, including “Grosse Pointe Blank” and “The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It.” Wernick’s background in comedy and his ability to write sharp, witty dialogue were assets to the Deadpool movies, helping to make them stand out in a crowded superhero movie landscape.

Sony Goes Blue Times Two In the MCU

Sony has confirmed (by way of previews at CinemaCon) that their next Spider-Man MCU effort with Kraven the Hunter  (and Rhino), will drop the F-bomb. What’s next Spider-Man & Deadpool? Actually, maybe. The rumors are spreading that this may happen next. If it does, will Sony or Disney give the finger, err’ …thumbs up to allowing Peter Parker to go rated R for any collaboration with Deadpool? If you play the odds, don’t expect it. But at least there is strong hope the two can take their antics from the many comic book storylines to the big screen.  

Marvels: All-Woman Production and the Pressure for Success Beyond Female Superheroes

The Marvels, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2019 film Captain Marvel, is generating buzz not only for its star-studded cast, but also for its emphasis on women both in front of and behind the camera. With Brie Larson reprising her role as Captain Marvel, alongside Iman Vellani from the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel, and Teyonah Parris as the grown-up Monica Rambeau, The Marvels is a showcase of female talent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, while this female-led production is a step towards increased representation and diversity in the film industry, it’s important to note that excluding men from the production process doesn’t automatically guarantee a better final product.

One of the notable aspects of The Marvels is its female-centric crew. The film is directed by Nia DaCosta, known for her work on the critically acclaimed horror film Candyman. DaCosta’s appointment as director marks a significant achievement as she becomes the first Black woman to direct a Marvel Studios film. Additionally, Megan McDonnell, who was one of the writers for WandaVision, is the screenwriter for The Marvels. With women at the helm of the production, there is a clear effort to prioritize female representation and bring diverse perspectives to the forefront.

What’s more, the inclusion of Iman Vellani and Teyonah Parris in prominent roles speaks to Marvel’s commitment to elevating underrepresented voices in the superhero genre. Vellani’s breakout role in Ms. Marvel, a series that centers around a Pakistani-American teenager who becomes a superhero, has already garnered widespread acclaim for its representation of a young Muslim woman as a superhero. Parris’s portrayal of Monica Rambeau in WandaVision has also been celebrated for her powerful performance as a Black woman navigating her powers and her place in the MCU.

However, it’s important to note that while The Marvels may feature women in key roles, the gender of the production team alone does not guarantee a better final product. The quality of a film is determined by various factors, including storytelling, character development, visual effects, and overall execution, regardless of the gender of the individuals involved. A film’s success relies on the collective effort of a diverse team with a range of skills and perspectives, irrespective of their gender.

Of course, The Marvels is an exciting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that features women in prominent roles both in front of and behind the camera. The inclusion of female talent is a step towards increased representation in the film industry, and it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate these achievements. However, it’s also crucial to recognize that the exclusion of men from the production process does not automatically guarantee a better film. The success of a movie depends on various factors, and a diverse team with a range of perspectives is crucial in creating a compelling final product.


Disney’s Marvel Studios Hot to Sue Leaker

Marvel intends to take intense legal action against the source of the most recent Marvel Cinematic Universe script leak. They may have opened the door behind which hides the Quantumania script leaker. On Monday, March 14th, 2023, a federal judge in the state of California issued subpoenas to both Google and Reddit instructing them to identify the users behind the user accounts responsible for leaking Quantumania script dialogue. Upon doing so, Marvel will be poised to pursue criminal action for copyright infringement. 

From the “Why?” Department

Time for another fanmade image of so-and-so as so-and-so image to be praised for the posters’ sheer genius! Too snarky? Well, after you see this “What if…” of Harry Potter as Wolverine and decide for yourself if these things have reached a point of irrelevancy.



Quantumania Unifies Critics and Fans. Marvel Has Lost Its Way

After a week in theaters, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania has made it clear to long-time fans, critics, and hopefully Marvel itself — Marvel Studios is undependable, rudderless, and committed to not change. 

Yes, box office receipts during the opening week make it a hit, but not a blockbuster. Those days are gone. The pattern is clear. Audiences have been showing up because these are Marvel films, but the feedback is mirroring what critics have been writing over and over. The films and series are all meandering. Sure they share a universe but they don’t feel cohesive anymore.

At one time legacy comic book fans and youth culture influence could argue over the ‘woke’ message, but that isn’t the real core issue that Marvel has broken in their overall strategy.  The problem is that stories and characters are being changed. Canon is what guided Marvel in its early phases. Even then the studios let directors ‘interpret’ a bit too much and take liberties that diluted future stories. 

Instead of listing those past mistakes, let’s use a current example in Quantumania. MODOK. The character is meant to be a sadistic genius. Did anyone in the audience get that from watching him brought to life for the first time in a live-action film? CGI notwithstanding, watch any animated cartoon or cut scene from a video game and those representations are true to form. Next is the fact the film didn’t just deviate from his origin, it made a mockery of it. In short, Darren. Ask anyone who knows anything of Marvel and the MODOK we received in Quantumania is nothing less than aggravating to accept. The last point — they kill him off. Perhaps that may be the best and only right decision they made in this film. All this sucks but what it really belies is that when any part of canon is disrupted in this way, stories that come later are drastically affected if not destroyed. 

The Marvel cinematic universe worked early on because of canon. It was the foundation of what made the entirety of phases one and two all worthwhile. When the Avengers finally assembled in 2012 the universe of comic book fans collectively rejoiced for something some waited decades and lifetimes to experience. It’s all gone to crap. We can point out storytelling issues that are broken too such as the lack of character development that once existed to no longer build tension and accountability (Quantumania epitomizes this), but canon is the absolute key to all. 


This article will be lost to the world. It won’t be shared across the Internet until it reaches the desk of Kevin Feige. Still, there was a time when this writer wrote an email (the only email he ever wrote) to DC years ago when Warner Brothers decided to finally mirror the MCU (again, Avengers assemble!). The letter pleaded that if they wanted the magic bullet to succeed in their run, just follow canon. 

Well. Who am I anyway? Just a kid that watched Spider-Man and Batman almost every day after school at 4:00 pm.  The memories are clear of Batman running past the same two buildings chasing bad guys and Spider-Man doing the same except he’d sling webs and swing between them. The wish was simple. Would I ever see them come to life?

Those kids that had that dream are everywhere. They don’t need a message. They don’t want to see the characters they first experienced change costumes, be gender-flipped, or origin drastically altered. Don’t assume those kids are racists or out of touch. Most fans want the characters they first met to be brought to life based on how they first experienced them. If a character was female in the comic, it’s not unrealistic to expect that character to be female when it does come to the big screen.  Peter Jackson didn’t just say, “Screw it, let’s just make Hobbits five and six feet tall.” Maybe that comment doesn’t encompass the larger point. 

Consider this analogy. Sure sometimes a cover song is better than the original but as you listen to the new version you hear the original in your head and every word, and every note registers for comparison. You don’t will it — it just happens. Analogies aside, the foundation of bringing superheroes to the big screen is canon. Twist it, re-order it, ignore it and you’ve spoiled it all. 

Wolverine Deletes Tweet Confirming X-Men Season 2

Original cast member of the animated X-Men 97 series let their excitement for a season 2 get the best of them. The voice actor for Wolverine, Cal Dodd Tweeted out a reveal that he was already working on season 2 voice work and within a short time, deleted the announcement. 

Yesterday. Studio. Season 2. GREAT session! #Wolverine #XMen #XMen97 #xmentas #marvel #DisneyPlus @DisneyPlus


No word if showrunner Beau DeMayo or Disney execs were the motivation for deleting the tweet, but it is clear the show is in the good graces of the Disney decision-makers for it to already be greenlit before its return to Disney+ this fall (2023). 

Disney Influence Sticks to “The Message” in Marvel’s Quantumania

Ant-Man’s third feature in the Marvel Universe enjoyed a good opening weekend at the box office. Many insiders are hoping this is the return to their epic run of must-see box office films, while others are speculating if Disney will ever understand the negative influence of open propaganda in their films is dividing fans.  While Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania couldn’t help but draw an opening weekend audience, reviews from both sides of the political aisle are finding fault with the story. What’s sad is that when Marvel and Disney left modern-day politics out of Marvel canon, their films prospered. Past Marvel films had to appeal to a single audience.

Ant-Man Quantumania

No more. Marvel films now must run the gauntlet of appeasing both past comic book enthusiasts that ironically were conservatives reading the work of liberal writers, and new comic book enthusiasts made up of ultra-left-leaning youth culture. It’s a can’t-win for Disney and Marvel in the current climate. It’s clear however that Disney didn’t flip a coin to decide which way their wind would blow. Disney is counting on the strength of the youth culture to carry it through this storm. The truth is that liberal values always eventually win out throughout history.

What Disney Marvel may have lost sight of is that the very nature of Super Hero stories goes against all logic that pacifists stand for. It would be hypocritical to write stories of superheroes that punch adversaries if the youth writers of today understood their conundrum. Instead, the Marvel universe plays victim to changes in societal values instead of simply bringing original stories to the big screen.  Maybe the new management change at Disney wants to return to the original winning formula, but it doesn’t show in Quantumania.

Ant-Man Quantumania
The Quantum Realm

Praise for Antifa and Socialism could be ignored during viewing but the fact they are so prevalent is what made most comic book faithful put a microscope on the story. It’s a story that ends with no impact due to the youth culture’s desire to influence instead of following tried and true storytelling components.  Liberal values, conservative values, whatever. If you are going to make it obvious, make it a full-on satire, otherwise in a superhero movie it’s contrived. It’s propaganda. 

For now, everyone is spinning their wheels with criticism coming from both sides. Quantumania has many flaws and they all stem from its identity as a superhero film being toyed with by a forced influence. 


The Marvels Gets New Release Date

Marvel Studios tweeted a new poster for The Marvels and slipped in a new release date. It’s been delayed by three months. No more summer release for The Marvels. Initially set for July 28th, the non-descript poster of  Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, Teyonah Parris as Photon, and  Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel was accompanied by its new release date of November 10, 2023.  

MCUs The Marvels Poster underwhelms with delayed release date.
MCUs The Marvels Poster underwhelms with a delayed release date.

Galactus Leaked For Fantastic Four

The rumor mill is claiming the Silver Surfer won’t be the Fantastic Four’s protagonist when they debut in the MCU. It will be Galactus. Rumors further claim the role is already cast. The film plot is thought to introduce the FF by way of Reed Richards and his team being stuck in the 1960s after attempts to tinker with the time travel technology revealed by Tony Stark in End Game. 

How Jeremy Renner Became Injured In His Snow Plow Accident

He hasn’t tweeted about it, nor has any family member or friend revealed the reason why he was caught under his snow plow on January 5, 2023. It took a request of the Nevada sheriff’s department incident report by CNN to get to the truth. Jeremy Renner was attempting a heroic act. According to the report, Renner had initially left the cab of the snow plow when he realized it was sliding sideways. In doing so, it began to roll down the hill in front of his home and was headed toward his nephew. In that split second, Renner decided to re-enter the cab of his Pistenbully to stop it as it headed toward his family member and divert its path. He never made it to the cab. When Renner jumped up on the moving tracks of the Pistenbully, he was pulled down to the left by the tracks and pulled under the moving snow plow. It continued on leaving Renner with crushed bones and internal injuries. His family came to his aid and stayed with him until emergency personnel arrived. Renner has been hospitalized since with a collapsed chest and over 30 broken bones according to the MCU Hawkeye actor. 

Hugh Jackman’s First Ryan Reynolds Troll of 2023

It’s been just five days into 2023 and Hugh Jackman has taken the first shot of 2023 at Ryan Reynolds ahead of their Deadpool 3 team-up.

She-Hulk Nomination Criticized

The Marvel series She-Hulk released on Disney+ in 2022 has been nominated for an award in VFX. The show itself was extremely divisive among heritage fans and a younger audience in search of characters their generation relates to. Now the show has one more group criticizing it. In the wake of the 21st annual Visual Effects Society Awards nomination for Outstanding Animated Character in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project, fans in every camp are united in criticizing the nomination. Many argued for other show characters to calling the effects outright appalling. However, one Redditor gave the most balanced criticism that anyone could relate to, Oh boy… I loved the show and had no problem with the VFX given the platform and budget, but no way was it award-winning work.

Jeremy Renner In Near Death Accident on New Year’s Day

Marvel’s Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner in Critical, but stable condition, after an accident. On Sunday, New Year’s Day 2023, Jeremey Renner was in a weather-related accident involving a snow plow. It is thought to have taken place near a property of his in Nevada while he was plowing snow but has not been confirmed. The area experienced a New Year’s eve storm. His family is said to be at his bedside. Renner owns and operates heavy machinery including a 20,000 lb Kodiak Northwest Idaho Norland snow blower. 

Marvel Announces Answers to Timeline But You’ll Have To Wait Until September

Marvel Studios has teamed up with Penguin books for an entire book on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) timeline. Aptly titled, Marvel Studios The Marvel Cinematic Universe An Official Timeline, is available for pre-order with a release date of September 5, 2023. Hired to take on the task in writing the timeline are a trio of Marvel experts. Anthony Breznican is a seasoned journalist who has written for most major publications from Vanity Fair to the Associated Press. Next is a film journalist, Rebecca Theodor-Vachon followed by Amy Ratcliffe. Amy has previous similar works coving the Star Wars universe. 
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