AppleTV+ News and September 2023 New Releases

Apple TV+ September 2023 New Releases

The Afterparty (Season 2), Foundation (Season 2), Physical (Season 3), and Invasion (Season 2) all continue in September from August.

September 8
The Changeling

September 13
The Morning Show (Season 3)

September 20
The Super Models

September 22
Still Up

AppleTV+ August 2023 Streaming News

Peanut’s Marcie Takes Center Stage

Aug 18 — Say what you like about Woke, but Peanut’s Marcie was and still is one of the original social justice warriors.  In spite of her introverted nature, she’s always been fun in challenging people to make it a better world longer than anyone can remember. It makes total sense Marcie gets her own Peanut’s special on AppleTV. Her special airs this month on August 18th. 

In One-of-a-Kind Marcie, she takes on a number of concerns that are initially ignored. Enjoy her ride in her battle to overcome a host of challenges that is sure to make you smile. 

AppleTV+ Milks Messi Madness

Aug 16 — Even if you are not a soccer fan or know much of Lionel Messi, both have been making mainstream news due to his worldwide popularity bringing him to unprecedented pay in his move to the US soccer (football) league known as Major League Soccer. Since joining the league’s team, Inter Miami CF, he’s made good on his skill and catapulted the league’s scarce sports news coverage to part of everyday news. This has been big for AppleTV+ as they have quickly produced an original docuseries featuring Lionel Messi that you can only catch on AppleTV+.  It covers his last twenty years. The docuseries name has yet to be announced, nor a release date announced but it’s sure to boost AppleTV+’s value in the market. 


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