Amazon Prime Video Streaming News

Amazon Prime Video Streaming News

Promo For Fallout Show Fails Using AI Art

August 25, 2023 — We all love using AI, but no one wants to get caught using it. That’s just what happened with Amazon Prime Video after their Prime Video account posted a Fallout image featuring Hondo on X.  They’ve rolled out some new promotional material for 2024’s live-action Fallout based on the video game. The game features an art design that has a distinct retro feel. In keeping with that, someone generated some vintage 50s images with one clearly showing the obvious mistakes current AI art generators make.

In this case, it’s an automobile facing forward with its headlights at the rear. Even to a non-AI art creator, this mistake jumps out at the casual viewer. There are also buildings without windows with trees growing from impossible locations. Look for more mistakes and they are there. 

But hey! It’s making news and perhaps more news for Fallout than it would have if this AI bumble wasn’t the bigger headline. 

Meanwhile, plenty of online publications have featured the image without noticing! From GQ, PC Gamer, TechWar, and Endadget

Of course, there are some real images leaked from the Fallout set. Check them out below. 

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