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Paramount Cuts 800 Jobs Worldwide

Thursday | 02/15/2024  by Lars Hindsley — Paramount just dropped some big news: they’re cutting 800 jobs around the globe. Why? They’re trying to get a better grip on their streaming game, focusing on Paramount+ and Pluto TV. But here’s the kicker: despite all the shows and movies we’ve been bingeing, these platforms haven’t started making money yet. In fact, they lost over $1 billion last year.

Paramount+ and Pluto TV  lost over $1 billion last year in 2023
What’s Next for Paramount+?

So, What’s Going On?

  • Job Cuts: Yep, 800 people are being let go. It’s a tough pill to swallow and shows Paramount is serious about changing things up.
  • Money Troubles: Even with all of us tuning into Paramount+ and Pluto TV, they’re still in the red, losing a hefty sum last year.
  • The Plan: Paramount’s not giving up. They’re doubling down on making Paramount+ a go-to spot for our streaming fix.

What’s Going Down at Paramount

So, here’s the scoop: Paramount started handing out pink slips to its U.S. crew on Tuesday night, and it’s not stopping there. If you’re part of the Paramount family but clocking in from somewhere else around the globe, you’re probably on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what the next few weeks hold.

With a massive team of over 24,000 folks, Paramount isn’t just about the big screen. They’re the brains behind some of our go-to channels like Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. Yeah, it’s a big deal because it’s not every day you hear about a giant like this having to make such tough calls.

So, What’s Next for Everyone?

For those who just got their world rocked by a layoff notice, it’s a time of uncertainty. And for the rest of us, especially us streamers, it’s a wait-and-see game. How’s Paramount going to keep the shows we love coming? And what does this all mean for the future of Paramount+ and our other favorite channels?

Star Trek: Section 31 Film News

Saturday | 02/03/2024  by Lars Hindsley — Star Trek: Section 31,” an official Star Trek+ original movie, is currently in production in Toronto, set to premiere on the streaming service in April 2023. The film stars Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh as Emperor Philippa Georgiou, a role she first embraced in “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 1 in 2017. In this installment, Georgiou joins Starfleet’s secretive Section 31, grappling with the consequences of her past while tasked with defending the United Federation of Planets.

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