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Road House Remake Intended for Theatrical Release

Saturday| 02/03/2024  by Lars Hindsley — Prime Video has a huge movie coming in March. The remake of Patrick Swayze’s 1989 cult classic, Road House. The original was not well received when released, yet had many aspects of greatness weaved into it that it has become a strangely endeared cult by enthusiasts and fans alike. From real fights in fight scenes to highly praised editing, something about this bad film made it good.  Oh, and then their is the throat rip scene. Yeah, it had a little of everything. So it’s now wonder someone had the idea of remaking it to actually be good.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Dalton in Road House Remake on Prime Video
Jake Gyllenhaal Channels Dalton in the Action-Packed ‘Road House’ Remake, Coming to Prime Video.

This movie looks to be a huge breakout for Prime Video in the movie category at the director’s expense. It was meant for theaters and if the trailers are any indication, the audience is being deprived of the big screen experience with this film. 

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