Donald L. Miller's story of the Eighth Air Force depicts war from a new perspective.

Apple TV+ Streaming News and March New Releases

Apple TV+ March 2024 New Releases

March 1
The Completely Made-up Adventures of Dick Turpin

March 8
The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy (Season 2)

March 15

March 20
Palm Royale

March 28
Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock (Season 2)

Apple TV+ February Streaming News

Apple TV Renews Controversial Show

Thursday | 02/15/2024  by Lars Hindsley — Apple TV+ has renewed sci-fi show Invasion to the chagrin of  many sci-fi fans. The show centers around Earth’s invasion by a superior alien race that is vulnerable to fire. This and many other devices in the show’s premise are hard to stomach for many science fiction enthusiasts who believe Apple’s position as the ‘sci-fi’ go-to streaming provider. 

Masters of the Air Has Select Appeal

Wednesday| 02/07/2024  by Lars Hindsley — This WWII dramatic series hits more with critics than it does with viewers.  Donald L. Miller’s work has finally been brought to life on screen and it has sharply divided opinions on how watchable the series is. While the character development may be the crux of harsh reactions, much of the disdain seems to come down to how mature and technical the story telling is compare the character related war stories many relate to. There’s also the issue of patriotism. It’s either acceptable behavior or it isn’t. Sadly, what’s lost is the understanding that patriotism had a place in society up until the turn of the century. Globalism has made the concept of pride in your country foreign and so unacceptable to a hypersensitive generation where patriotism in action triggers resentment. Masters of the Air depicts patriotism, along with aggression. It also features the bombing of civilian targets. But it’s worth noting, America dropped two atomic bombs on civilian targets which brought an end to WWII.  In reinforces the phrase, “War is hell.”  It seems few will make it through the few episodes before giving up, but at least they didn’t have to make it through 25 bombing runs so they could go home. 

Other complaints are the slow burn without the burn while the praise is for the technical accuracy from the air fights to the tone of the characters exhibiting measured behavior in battle has been lauded by enthusiast for it’s honest portrayal without the over zealous ooh-rah! that many other war dramas lean into. With more critics enjoying the series so far over viewers, who does Masters of the Air appeal to? Gamers and war enthusiasts who enjoy air combat are watching the show closely. One user on reddit went as far as to post a WWII training video on FLAK in their Masters of the Air discussion. 

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