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Jason Mamoa Leaves DC Studios Meeting Excited to Be Lobo

He didn’t say it directly, but in so many words and based on previous details from James Gunn, it has become obvious what Jason Mamoa meant in his recent social media post. Jason posted a short on his Instagram stories literally as he walked out of the Warner Bros. DC meeting. 

“I’ve got some really good news. Great news with Warner Bros. Amazing. (I) wish I could tell you — but here it is. Peter, I love you. James, I love you. David (Zaslav), [President of Warner Bros.]. Okay. To the future, to the future”. 

This is big news for DC to see it taking on some of its most fascinating characters, but even more, Lobo isn’t an Earthbound DC character. Jason Mamoa just scored perhaps his most car

James Gunn Announces When New DCU Movies Start Filming

James Gunn has been good about responding to fans on Twitter and other social media since taking the helm as co-CEO of DC Films. After he posted a new poster for Blue Beetle, a conversation ensued questioning when new films would begin. His answer is once all the current films are released, ending with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in late 2023. New films under his direct supervision will begin in 2024. His specific answer was, “Peter and I will help to guide the already filmed projects for the next year, but the new slate won’t start until after Aquaman 2.”

He declined to answer one obvious question: What films were on the list? That makes sense, as it gives him a good deal of time to weave the current films into the fabric of the new DCU he has planned. 


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