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DC Animation Streaming Deal with Unlikely Partner

CBR claims late talks are taking place between Warner Bros. Discovery and get this, Amazon Prime Video. Not to be confused with Amazon Studios. That difference should clear up the meaning of such a deal. In short, it means DC Animation may be available on Prime. 

This news is telling. It’s a clear departure from Warner Bros. recent approach of keeping all their content in-house that propped up the HBO MAX platform.

If you like to think in terms of cause and effect, this move seems like a natural response to Discovery’s purchase of Warner Bros. and its immediate desire to cut corners and create revenue. If they don’t have enough content to justify an HBO Max subscription among all the streaming services, then sell it to others. 

DCU is Missing This Great Holiday Feature

There is agreement across the board that the best on-screen Marvel and DC stories are based on existing graphic novel stories even if they don’t honor canon. One theme Marvel has picked up on is the holiday special. DC has seen many holiday specials in print. With the recent addition of the Justice Society to the DC Universe, the 2004 Geoff Johns and Don Kramer Virtue and Vice Thanksgiving crossover would be one ideal candidate for DC. As long as Santa is a safe reference, Jack Kirby’s 1997 Holiday Bash is a strong contender. 

While DC prints holiday special comics infrequently, they have a bank of great stories assembled. Here are a few:

  • Christmas with the Super-Heroes (1988)
  • Harley Quinn Holiday Special (2014) (2016)
  • Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special (1991)
  • Hawk & Dove  Seasons Greetings (1989)
  • DC Presents SuperMan and Santa Claus (1978)
  • Teen Titans A Christmas Happening (1966)
  • Superman Leaping Into the New Year (1938)

Super-Hero holiday specials would be ideal for HBO Max or whatever Warner Bros/Discovery streaming service distribution is unveiled in the future. Is there a must-have on our list or one we missed?


Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman across films, video games, and audiobooks has died at age 66. Fans to friends in film are at a loss. Long-time voice of Joker Mark Hamill, and friend to Kevin Conroy reflects, “He was one of my favorite people on the planet, and I loved him like a brother. He truly cared for the people around him – his decency shone through everything he did. Every time I saw him or spoke with him, my spirits were elevated.”  Another fellow voice actor and the original voice of Harly Quinn, Tara Strong reflected on Twitter, “I don’t the words. Not today. My heart is broken. There will never be another. He is #Batman.”

Kevin grew up in the east, born in 1955 in Westbury New York, and growing up in Westport, Connecticut. Conroy’s voice as Batman is iconic and revered as the true voice of Batman across all media. He began as a Julliard-trained actor, studying with Superman’s Christopher Reeve and comedian Robin Williams. After a few years of acting assignments in TV during the 1980s, Kevin hit paydirt in 1992. It was then the classic Batman Animated Series aired in September of 92. 

With all his accomplishments as Batman in scores of Batman animations and video games, he was paid his greatest tribute in 2019 when he could portray Batman beyond the voice. Kevin lead an openly gay life and leaves behind his husband, Vaughn C. Williams. The cause of death is reported as cancer-related. Kevin was a long-time smoker, however, there is been little said to confirm it played a part in his cancer. 

Titans Season 4 Tim Drake is NOT Robin if He’s Not with Batman

Fanboy writers to daily writers on pop culture are writing speculation articles around Titans Season 4 trailers where Tim Drake is involved with the Titans. They are excitedly speculating, “When will Tim Drake get his Robin costume?” The answer is, “Why should he?” He’s not Robin. Yet. Of course, this is an ‘alternate’ DC universe and in this one, Tim Drake can become Robin without ever serving under Batman, but has anyone even considered that in this universe he may simply not become Robin and only operate as Tim Drake? 

It’s as if the only thing that matters to fanboys is, When will we see him in costume? If that’s you, get a grip. Step back and consider how it would or wouldn’t move the story forward. Then again, the live-action Titans have been a bizarro version of the DC universe with many unique alterations to origin stories. Perhaps it isn’t so dumb to think that Robin can originate in Titans without a Batman. But it sure would be just one more reason that Titans Season 4 will be the last. The show is increasingly becoming Dawson’s Creek in superhero outfits. For now, why not simply watch Season 4 for as long as it’s tolerable and enjoy the story as it unfolds without the constant, What Titans needs to do in Season 4 bull$#it fanboy demands. If Drake dons the Robin outfit, great. If he doesn’t, it will at the very least fit in slightly better into canon than much of the previous Titan character origins. 

James Gunn and Peter Safran are DC’s answers to Marvel’s Kevin Fiege

OCTOBER 25, 2022 — Comic book fandom and non-superhero fans are blown away on Tuesday when DC announced both James Gunn and Peter Safran as Co-Chairs and Co-CEOs of DC Studios. Gunn and Safran replace Walter Hamada and report directly to David Zaslav. A newly formed DC Studios is replacing DC Films. While Warner Brothers made news in 2022 week after week with shake-ups and changes in lead management a priority remained the DC movie universe. Everyone in management desired a respected leader to produce the same success as Marvel’s Kevin Feige. 

Fandom across the Internet has resoundingly cheered in surprise, relief, and glee with one name, in particular, James Gunn. His past success at Marvel with Guardians of the Galaxy (2014 & 2017) to DC’s Suicide Squad (2021)and HBO Max original Peacemaker (2022) deftly threads the needle in meeting the needs of every stakeholder, from comic-book faithful and social justice viewers to accountants pleased with huge returns.  Gunn’s role will focus on the production of DC movies and may still get more directly involved in individual films or originals. 

Black Adam Surprises Audiences with over 71 million at Box Office While Critics Disagree

Was it Dwayne Johnson’s input or change in the guard at Warner Brothers that had the positive impact on the overall storyline, who knows but Black Adam is doing so well in its first week that word of mouth may surprise everyone with strong numbers in week two?  With Aquaman opening at 68 million in 2018, Black Adam is laughing in the face of critics who’ve panned it for clunky dialog and a weak storyline assigning it a 39 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes with audiences rating it at 90 percent. At 71 million and a projected 300 million worldwide, this will be Dwayne Johnson’s best film as top-billed talent.
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