Netflix News and New Releases

Here’s everything coming in May 2023 to Netflix streaming service. 

The Banhammer Is Coming

It’s no longer talk. Netflix means business with its threats to cull account sharing through multiple logins.  The streaming service Netflix has been letting major Internet providers and telecoms the banhammer is coming and for these providers to brace themselves for backlash when the crackdown commences. It isn’t just to warn them about an outcry, but because many telecoms are Netflix partners, bundling the service with their own.  Companies include Virgin Media, TalkTalk, Sky, and BT to name a few. 

S.W.A.T. Comes To Netflix, Sort Of

Fans of CBS S.W.A.T. can watch it on Netflix. Not the latest season, but all the old stuff. But, not the really old stuff. You won’t find the original 1970s S.W.A.T. with its popular theme song on Netflix. You will soon be able to catch the modern 2000s S.W.A.T. from season 1 to season five starting May 17, 2023.  If that’s not enough, Hulu has the first three seasons of S.W.A.T..  For the current season of S.W.A.T., fire up your Paramount+ streaming app if you don’t have broadcast TV service. 

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