Apple TV+ June 2023 News and New Releases

Apple TV+ June 2023 News and July New Releases

Apple’s releases are all about quality.

Apple TV New Releases in July 2023

July 7
Duck & Goose: Season 2

July 12
The Afterparty: Season 2

July 14
Foundation: Season 2

July 21
Stephen Curry: Underrated

July 28
The Beanie Bubble (2023)


July 7
8:00 PM: Baltimore Orioles @ Minnesota Twins

July 14
7:00 PM Los Angeles Dodgers @ New York Mets
7:00 PM San Francisco Giants @ Pittsburgh Pirates

July 21
2:00 PM St. Louis Cardinals @ Chicago Cubs
6:30 PM San Diego Padres @ Detroit Tigers

July 28
7:00 PM Cleveland Guardians @ Chicago White Sox
7:00 PM Los Angeles @ Toronto Blue Jays

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Apple TV+ News 

Here’s the latest Apple TV+ News. 

Streaming Strike Cancels Major AppleTV+ Show

The remake of the classic novel Metropolis by Thea von Harbou and the 1927 black and white sci-fi classic of the same name by Fritz Lang has been canceled due to the writer’s strike.  Apple had planned 188 million dollars in the production of an 8-part series remaking the original and adding a new character. It had begun pre-production in Australia. Unfortunately, the streaming strike has taken yet another production off the table in what may be a permanent move by the Universal Studio Group, a division of NBC Universal. The outfit blamed continued costs on the delay caused by the writer’s strike. What’s more the series has been met with a lot of criticism over concern the story will deviate from the source material. 

Is Apple’s New Vision Pro Poised for Apple TV?

It hasn’t made a big splash other than the $3,000 price tag, but Apple’s new VR headset may be what jettisons Apple TV into the streaming services leader if all the tech heads and zealots are right. Jack Dorsey says it reminds him of WALL-E, while an entire show (Monarch: Legacy of Monsters)  is shooting in 3D in support of the device. Then there is a recent poll of Mac users that claims 36 percent of all users polled will shell out the $3,500.00 for the Vision Pro V1 when it possibly drops in January of 2024. What will slow down the chances of sustainable growth is the fact Apple says it can only produce 450,000 units per year. 

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