Netflix March 2023 News and New Releases

Pop Culture news for Netflix for this month in 2023.

Netflix Is Betting Hard On Advertising

The biggest streaming service is taking more steps towards becoming an ad-based service despite subscriptions. The future is upon us as they have cozied up with Microsoft for a two-year deal in which the two are utilizing Netflix’s intrigue subscriber algorithm for advertising to its base. While Netflix’s philosophy has been to build or buy, they have made it plenty known on a January 19 earnings call, the company isn’t earning enough to carry on with its current budgeting.  Netflix has an agreement with Microsoft at present but apparently, the profits from what’s to come with working with Microsoft are tempting them to work with Google and Comcast. 

That Was Quick: Hemsworth Cancelled for Witcher?

Word is that Liam Hemsworth’s dust-up divorce with Miley Cyrus may cost him the role of  Geralt of Rivia in Witcher. Why? Netflix doesn’t like the fact he’s filed a defamation suit against his ex over her song Flowers

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