Netflix April 2023 News and New Releases

Here’s everything coming in May 2023 to Netflix streaming service. 

May 1
Above Suspicion
Airport ‘77
Airport 1975
American Gangster
Austin Powers in Goldmember
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Black Hawk Down
The Cable Guy
Captain Phillips
Chicken Run
Conan the Barbarian
The Croods
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Dawn of the Dead
For Colored Girls
Girl, Interrupted
The Glass Castle
Home Again
Kindergarten Cop
Last Action Hero
Legends of the Fall
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
Léon: The Professional
Paranormal Activity
Peter Pan (2003)
Pitch Perfect
Rainbow High, season 3
Rugrats, seasons 1-2
The Smurfs, season 1
Starship Troopers
Steel Magnolias
The Tale of Despereaux
This Is the End
The Wedding Date
The Young Victoria

May 2
Love Village – Netflix Series
The Tailor – Netflix Series

May 3
Jewish Matchmaking – Netflix Series
Great British Baking Show: Juniors, season 7 – Netflix Series

May 4
Arctic Dogs
Larva Family – Netflix Family
Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story – Netflix Series
Sanctuary – Netflix Series

May 6
A Man Called Otto

May 8
Justice League, seasons 1-2
Justice League: Unlimited, seasons 1-2
Spirit Rangers, season 2 – Netflix Family

May 9
Documentary Now!, season 4
Hannah Gadsby: Something Special – Netflix Comedy

May 10
Dance Brothers – Netflix Series
Missing: Dead or Alive? – Netflix Documentary
Queen Cleopatra – Netflix Documentary

May 11
Royalteen: Princess Margrethe – Netflix Film
St. Vincent
Ultraman, season 3 – Netflix Anime

May 12
Black Knight – Netflix Series
Call Me Kate
The Mother – Netflix Film
Mulligan – Netflix Series
Queer Eye, season 7 – Netflix Series

May 13

May 16
Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me – Netflix Documentary

May 17
Faithfully Yours –Netflix Film
Fanfic – Netflix Film
La Reina del Sur, season 3
McGREGOR FOREVER – Netflix Documentary
Rhythm + Flow France, season 2 – Netflix Series
Working: What We Do All Day – Netflix Documentary

May 18
Kitti Katz – Netflix Family
XO, Kitty – Netflix Series
Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune – Netflix Series

May 19
Astérix & Obélix: The Middle Kingdom – Netflix Film
Kathal – A Jackfruit Mystery – Netflix Film
Muted – Netflix Series
Selling Sunset, season 6 – Netflix Series
Young, Famous & African, season 2 – Netflix Series

May 22
The Batman, seasons 1-5
The Boss Baby
The Creature Cases: Chapter 3 – Netflix Family

May 23
All American, season 5
MerPeople – Netflix Documentary
Victim/Suspect – Netflix Documentary
Wanda Sykes: I’m An Entertainer – Netflix Comedy

May 24
Hard Feelings – Netflix Film
Mother’s Day – Netflix Film
Rhythm + Flow France, season 2 – Netflix Series (new episodes)
The Ultimatum: Queer Love – Netflix Series

May 25
FUBAR – Netflix Series

May 26
Barbecue Showdown, season 2 – Netflix Series
Blood & Gold – Netflix Film
Dirty Grandpa
Tin & Tina – Netflix Film
Turn of the Tide – Netflix Series

May 30
I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson, season 3 – Netflix Comedy

May 31
Heartland, season 15
Mixed by Erry – Netflix Film

Here is the latest Netflix news for May 2023. 

Netflix Catches 1 Million Spanish Accounts Stealing Service

Netflix in Spain has taken a positive step in cracking down on password-sharing, despite market research group Kantar reporting a loss of over one million users in the first quarter of 2023. The move to introduce a €5.99 ($6.57) monthly fee for shared accounts and implementing technical measures to detect such sharing has resulted in a drop in users, two-thirds of whom were using someone else’s password. While the loss of users may impact Netflix’s word-of-mouth recommendation, it shows the company’s dedication to protecting its content and ensuring that users pay for their service. This will ultimately benefit paid subscribers and the overall quality of the streaming experience for everyone.

Witcher Season Three Drops Haunting Poster

It’s no secret to fans of Netflix’s Witcher that Geralt of Rivia is emotionally bound to Ciri. The show dropped a poster of all three main characters, (Geralt, Ciri & Yennefer)  in which Geralt is holding Ciri’s head in a caring caress with a look of fear and sadness on her face. This is all combined with a note that season three is coming soon. Let’s hope Netflix gives us a date in their next update.

Netflix Gaming Scores Big With Halo Developer

As part of its expansion beyond streaming TV shows and movies, Netflix is now delving into the realm of interactive entertainment.  Now they’ve got a chance at an exclusive title through a key gaming developer. Joseph Staten is a seasoned veteran in the gaming industry, known for his influential contributions to the world of video games. He’s joining Netflix after serving as the Head of Creative for Gaming at Microsoft, Staten has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s gaming portfolio. With a career spanning over two decades, he has been involved in iconic franchises like “Halo” and “Destiny,” and has been recognized for his exceptional storytelling skills and creative vision. Staten’s passion for gaming and his ability to bring immersive worlds to life has earned him a reputation as a visionary leader in the industry, making him a key figure in Microsoft’s gaming division.

Netflix Future May Be Content Licensing

As one of the leading streaming platforms in the world, Netflix has revolutionized how we consume entertainment. With its vast library of TV shows, movies, and original content, Netflix has become a global go-to platform for millions of viewers. To maintain its competitive edge and keep its content fresh, content licensing has remerged as a strategy for Netflix. If you like original content, this may be a sign to drop Netflix. 

Content licensing, which involves acquiring the rights to stream content from third-party production companies, has several compelling advantages for Netflix. Currently, half of Netflix’s content is licensed. 

Content licensing is a strategic move for Netflix to expand its content offerings, minimize risk, and enhance its international reach. By licensing content from third-party production companies, Netflix can access diverse content, cost-effectively add new shows and movies to its platform, reduce time-to-market, and cater to different audience preferences. It provides flexibility for experimentation and allows Netflix to tap into untapped markets while mitigating the risks associated with producing original content. Overall, content licensing is a smart approach for Netflix to keep its content library fresh and engaging, reinforcing its position as a leading global streaming platform.

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