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A former Google and Yahoo executive Marissa Mayer is out promoting her own small company working on apps through AI. She suggested Yahoo speculated on buying Hulu, instead, it went with Tumblr. If Yahoo had bought Hulu instead of Tumblr, it could have been a game-changer for Yahoo’s position in the online streaming industry. At the time of the Tumblr acquisition, Hulu was jointly owned by several media conglomerates, including Disney, 21st Century Fox, and NBCUniversal. Had it acquired Hulu, Yahoo could have gained a significant foothold in the online video market and potentially challenged competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

One could imagine had Yahoo acquired Hulu it would have given it access to a vast library of exclusive and licensed content, including popular TV shows and movies, which could have attracted more subscribers to Yahoo’s streaming service. Additionally, Yahoo’s existing advertising platform could have been integrated with Hulu’s streaming service, potentially creating a powerful advertising network for video content.

On the other hand, acquiring Hulu would have been a much more significant financial investment than Tumblr, which Yahoo acquired for $1.1 billion in 2013. At the time, Hulu was valued at around $2 billion, which would have been a considerable expense for Yahoo. Additionally, Yahoo’s previous acquisitions, such as the $3.6 billion acquisition of GeoCities, did not generate the expected returns, which may have made the company hesitant to pursue a large acquisition like Hulu.


East Germany’s First Black Policeman¬†

Don’t miss this 7-episode true story of Germany’s first black policeman starting April 26. Samuel Meffire made history in 1990 when he became the first Black police officer in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). However, his time as a police officer was short-lived, and he eventually turned to a life of crime.

Meffire was born in 1970 in Leipzig, East Germany, to a German mother and a Cameroonian father. He grew up in a working-class neighborhood and faced discrimination from a young age. After graduating from high school, he joined the East German army, where he served for two years.

In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Meffire joined the Dresden police force. He was the first Black police officer in the GDR, and his appointment was seen as a sign of progress in the newly reunited Germany. In 1994, Meffire left the police force and started his own security firm. He hoped to use his experience to help the city’s overlooked population who needed justice the most, but financial struggles soon led him astray. He became a debt collector and enforcer for one of Dresden’s most notorious gangsters.

Meffire’s downfall was swift. In 1997, he was arrested and convicted of robbery. He served seven years in prison, with time off for good behavior.

Since his release from prison, Meffire has been trying to rebuild his life. He has written a memoir about his experiences, and he is working as a social worker and author. He is also involved in efforts to combat racism and discrimination in Germany.

Meffire’s story is a complex one. He is a man who has made mistakes, but he is also a man who has overcome great adversity. He is a reminder that even the most difficult lives can be transformed by hope and redemption.


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