Hulu July 2023 News and New Releases

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New Hulu Releases for July 2023

ESSENCE Festival of Culture 2023: Livestream
Beverly Hills 90210: Complete Seasons 1-2
CSI: Miami: Complete Season 5
Digimon Adventure: 2020: Complete Season 1 (DUBBED)
Dragon Ball Z Kai: Complete Season 1 (DUBBED)
Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters: Complete Season 1 (DUBBED)
Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: Complete Season 1 (DUBBED)
One Piece: Episodes 458-517 (DUBBED)
Survivor: Complete Season 42
The Amazing Race: Complete Season 33
Undercover Boss: Complete Season 1
A Good Day to Die Hard | 2013
A Good Year | 2006
Alien | 1979
Alien 3 | 1992
Alien Resurrection | 1997
Aliens | 1986
Alita: Battle Angel | 2019
All the Right Moves | 1983
Bachelor Party | 1984
Bandidas | 2006
Bohemian Rhapsody | 2018
Bruno | 2009
Burlesque | 2010
Center Stage: On Pointe | 2016
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory | 2005
Chloe | 2010
City Of Joy | 1992
Clive Barker’s The Plague | 2006
Closer | 2004
Cocktail | 1988
The Covenant | 2006
Cover Versions | 2018
Death on the Nile | 2022
Deja Vu | 2006
The Descendants | 2011
Die Hard | 1988
Die Hard: With a Vengeance | 1995
Dog Soldiers | 2002
Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead | 1991
Elysium | 2013
Father of the Bride | 1991
Father of the Bride II | 1995
Flicka | 2006
Ford v Ferrari | 2019
Forgetting Sarah Marshall | 2008
Fun With Dick and Jane | 2005
Get Him to the Greek | 2010
Gotti | 2018
The Guardian | 2006
The Guilty | 2018
Here Comes The Boom | 2012
High Heat | 2022
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey | 2012
The Hulk | 2003
I Know What You Did Last Summer | 1997
The Internship | 2013
Joy Ride | 2001
Jumpin’ Jack Flash | 1986
Kick-Ass | 2010
King Kong | 2005
Lol | 2011
The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers | 2002
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King | 2003
The Man Who Knew Too Little | 1997
Maudie | 2017
Metro | 1997
Mrs. Doubtfire | 1993
My Super Ex-Girlfriend | 2006
Our Idiot Brother | 2011
Parental Guidance | 2011
The Perfect Storm | 2000
Queen of the Damned | 2002
Real Steel | 2011
Red Tails | 2012
Rise of the Planet of the Apes | 2011
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark | 2019
See How They Run | 2022
Shanghai Knights | 2003
Shanghai Noon | 2000
Skyline | 2010
Step Brothers | 2008
Support the Girls | 2018
Sweet Home Alabama | 2002
Total Recall | 2012
Un Padre No Tan Padre | 2017
Villains | 2019
The Walk | 2015
What Happens in Vegas | 2008
What’s Love Got To Do With It | 1993
Whiplash | 2014
Wild Things | 1998

ESSENCE Festival of Culture 2023: Livestream
Baby Sharks: Special Premiere
Bull Shark Bandits: Special Premiere
Bull Shark vs. Hammerhead: Special Premiere
Camo Sharks: Special Premiere
Counting Jaws: Special Premiere
Game of Sharks: Special Premiere
Jaws Invasion: Special Premiere
Jaws vs. Boats: Special Premiere
Maui Shark Mystery: Special Premiere
Most Extreme Sharks: Special Premiere
Return of the White Shark: Special Premiere
Saved From a Shark: Special Premiere
Shark Attack Files: Complete Season 2
Shark Below Zero: Special Premiere
Shark Eat Shark: Special Premiere
Shark Queens: Special Premiere
Shark Side of the Moon: Special Premiere
Shark Superpower: Special Premiere
Sharkcano: Hawaii: Special Premiere
Sharks that Eat Everything: Special Premiere
Sharks vs. Dolphins: Bahamas Showdown: Special Premiere
Sky Sharks: Special Premiere
When Sharks Attack 360: Complete Season 1
When Sharks Attack…And Why: Complete Season 1
World’s Biggest Hammerhead?: Special Premiere

CMA Fest: 50 Years of Fan Fair: Documentary Premiere

Ancient Aliens: Season 18B
Ancient Aliens Special Presentation: Special Premiere

The Ashley Madison Affair: Complete Docuseries
Night Train | 2023
The Quiet Girl | 2022

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War: Season 1, Part 2 (SUBBED)

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead: Complete Season 1 (SUBBED)

Celebrity Family Feud: Season 9 Premiere
12 Strong | 2018

Betrayal: The Perfect Husband: Complete Docuseries

Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins: Complete Season 1

The Jewel Thief: Documentary Premiere
Court Cam: Complete Season 4
Pretty Problems | 2022

Imagine Dragons Live In Vegas: Documentary Premiere
What We Do in the Shadows: Two-Episode Season 5 Premiere
A Little White Lie | 2023
Vesper | 2022

Black Death | 2010
Drunk StonedBrilliantDead: The Story Of The National Lampoon | 2015
Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game | 2022
SAS: Red Notice | 2021
The Two Faces Of January | 2014

Justified: City Primeval: Two-Episode Limited Series Premiere
If You Wish Upon Me: Complete Season 1 (SUBBED)

Cold Case Files: Complete Season 3
Flip Wars: Complete Season 2
Day of the Dead | 1985
Escaping My Stalker | 2020
The Old Man | 2022

Big RV Remix: Complete Season 1
The Ritual Killer | 2023
Space Oddity | 2022

Praise Petey: Series Premiere

Futurama: Season 11 Premiere
My Happy Ending | 2023

The Hardy Boys: Complete Third and Final Season

The Croods: Family Tree: Complete Season 7
Mother Undercover: Complete Docuseries
In Viaggio | 2022
Smoking Causes Coughing | 2022

This Fool: Complete Season 2
The Donor Party | 2023
God’s Country | 2022
The Lair | 2022

Assassin | 2023
Permanent | 2017

Rio 2 | 2014

Hulu News

Fired Despite Cleared of Charges — Replacement Named

The old saying, Where do I go to get my reputation back has been turned up a notch. Top Hulu show creator Justin Roiland was fired in January of 2023 after he was charged with domestic abuse.  Yet despite being cleared of those charges in March, he’s been replaced by Dan Stevens on Hulu’s Solar Opposites in June of 2023.  It’s a clear indicator that the world is nothing like it was a mere ten years ago. Without taking sides, consider that you were accused of something bad, and found innocent in court but still lost your job. This is something that would not have occurred ten years ago. Yet since the political media shift after 2016, it seems almost impossible for anyone accused of wrongdoing to keep their job. In Roiland’s own words, “I have always known that these claims were false — and I never had any doubt that this day would come,” Roiland said after being cleared in March. “I’m thankful that this case has been dismissed but, at the same time, I’m still deeply shaken by the horrible lies that were reported about me during this process. Most of all, I’m disappointed that so many people were so quick to judge without knowing the facts, based solely on the word of an embittered ex trying to bypass due process and have me ‘canceled.’”  

Roiland had a lot of information stacking up against him with the accusation of domestic abuse. And in defense of the show’s decision-makers, they may have knowledge beyond what the public is aware of. In which case, Roiland may deserve some form of accountability and need for help. Still — this and many other firings over the past ten years show a pattern of lost livelihoods as the price to pay for being either a poor citizen or even accused of being one. It seems no one lives in any glass houses. Good thing. 

Bonnaroo Won’t Replay — Only Livestream

What are you doing this weekend? Hulu has loads of bands from Bonnaroo. Don’t miss them either. There won’t be any on-demand replay of Bonnaroo. 

Only Comcast Stands In Disney’s Way

Hulu is owned by multiple media companies. However, Disney+ has the majority share and is aiming to buy out Comcast in order to retain full control of Hulu. In the beginning of 2019, Disney acquired Fox’s ownership share in Hulu as a part of a larger asset acquisition. Following the departure of WarnerMedia from the venture, the remaining 10% ownership stake not held by Disney or Comcast was divided between the two companies. In September 2021, Disney completed the acquisition of Comcast’s interest in Hulu in May 2019. At that time, Disney gained full operational control and a majority ownership stake of 67% in Hulu, while Comcast retained a 33% minority stake. 

With the acquisition, Disney gained majority control over Hulu, allowing it to have a stronger say in the platform’s content offerings and direction. This move aligned with Disney’s broader streaming strategy, as the company sought to establish its own streaming service, Disney+. By consolidating ownership of Hulu, Disney could leverage the platform to complement its streaming portfolio and target a wider range of audiences.

On the other hand, Comcast, as a minority stakeholder in Hulu, had its own interests and strategic priorities. Comcast’s ownership in Hulu presented a valuable opportunity for the company to have a foothold in the streaming market and access a large subscriber base. However, with Disney’s increased control over Hulu, Comcast faced challenges in terms of influence and decision-making within the platform.

To counter Disney’s control over Hulu, Comcast has taken various steps to protect its interests. One notable action is the launch of its own streaming service, Peacock, which serves as a direct competitor to Hulu and other streaming platforms. Comcast has also focused on building exclusive content partnerships and developing original programming for Peacock to attract subscribers.

Furthermore, Comcast has sought to retain its influence within Hulu through ongoing negotiations and agreements with Disney. The companies have made arrangements to extend Comcast’s licensing of NBCUniversal content on Hulu, ensuring that Comcast properties maintain a presence on the platform. These negotiations serve as a means for Comcast to secure a continued presence in the streaming market and maximize the value of its content.

Watchlist: Season Two – This Fool

This Fool debuted in 2022 with no fanfare. With season two dropping on July 28th, this low-key comedy has found its footing and will be a binge-worthy contemporary look at adult humor. If you’ve not heard of it, and need something new with the writer’s and actor’s strikes, This Fool should be on your list in late July. 

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