Bestselling Author Gene P. Abel Explains Why UFOs and Aliens are Top of Mind

With the current topic of UFOs on the nightly news, it is the perfect time to expand our intel on extraterrestrial life, with two of best-selling author Gene P. Abel’s books, What, If Anything is Out There? and the newly-released sci-fi novel, The Aliens Step In.

Amid current Congressional hearings on Capitol Hill, the topic could not be timelier, and Abel, a decorated U.S. Army Colonel (retired) is the perfect guide for the fictional and actual accounts of these fascinating worlds.

Abel’s 2021 book, What, If Anything Is Out There is a documentary novel with both personal observations and backup to the observations.

And his latest book, The Aliens Step In, is the last of a trilogy, the third installment in his Defenders of Time series; a fictional way we could come face-to-face with other intelligent life.

In The Aliens Step In, the heroes of the story, Special Agent Lou Hessman and his team of American scientists awaken to discover that the parts of their Time Travel facility that is not protected from the effect of changes in the past are disappearing. And only the temporary protection from the Time Travel Chamber delays their total elimination. 

Turn the pages of this highly dramatic and entertaining sci-fi book to see what the Aliens do to impact the future of Planet Earth and everyone who calls it home.

The world is filled with a massive number of sci-fi and fantasy aficionados, and Abel is certainly one of them.

He said his interest is piqued by UFOs and Aliens because “I hope we could learn from them about both our past and what is in the universe,” he said. “I am fascinated by the idea that sci-fi may be a prediction of things to come and thus supports the evidence in my UFO book of other intelligent life in the universe.”

Abel’s take on the Congressional hearings that are keeping the news outlets abuzz, is a result of “the pressure is mounting from more [UFO] sightings and they appear to be opening the door a crack,” explained Abel. “Also, the encounters with our military are contributing to Congressional action.”

Abel brings a successful and diverse educational and professional background to his writing. His formal education includes a B.S. in Finance from Penn State University and an MBA from Lehigh University.

His 30 years as a successful business executive in both the private and public sectors are overlaid with 30 years as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army and Army Reserve.

After graduating from Penn State as a Distinguished Military Graduate, he spent five years on active duty and 25 years in the Army Reserve, with diverse assignments as a nuclear weapons officer and finance officer.

Abel graduated from the Army War College in 1985 and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal on two occasions. Abel was nominated for Brigadier General and retired in 1993 as an Army Colonel.

At a time when he could be relaxing or playing golf, the 82-year-old Abel is amassing scores of new sci-fi fans and continuing to cement a new legacy. He is also eager to have one or more of his books turned into a movie or TV streaming series. His plans also involve developing a video game.

The new book, The Aliens Step In, was released on July 18, 2023. What, If Anything Is Out There is being updated and expanded for future release.

Gene’s wife of 13 years, Susan, has been a longtime champion of her husband’s bestselling books. “I am beyond proud of Gene, and I am so impressed with what he has accomplished with his writing,” she said. “No matter what happens with his future endeavors, I will always be by his side.”

Gene Abel and his wife, Susan, enjoying a festive holiday meal

The following is a Q and A with Author Gene P. Abel on his fascination with UFOs, aliens, time travel, and why we all care about this right now!

Gene, how do you respond to people who think this is crazy, nonsense, or pure fiction?

I admit some of the reports of alien Sightings are made up. However, some have backup reports or are observations by credible people. The recent Congressional hearings also add credibility to the likely existence of other intelligent life. We are also finding structures that simply could not have been created by our ancestors given their knowledge and technology.

Please tell me more about your book, What, If Anything Is Out There.

First, I looked at evidence of what our prehistoric ancestors recorded about what they saw: drawings on rocks and caves of what appear to be aliens or UFOS.

Then, I probed the structures that were made thousands of years ago. I looked at the complexity and size of these structures. I also looked at the precision and asked the question, “how with the tools and technology we believe available could they build these structures?”

I looked at Roswell and documented two dozen sightings that are hard to deny. I looked at what some of our astronauts claim they observed. Finally, I took a look from a military perspective, and what we might face if they make direct contact.

Speaking about time travel, what time period would you like to go back to? What would be your ‘do over’?

I would like to know just how some of the ancient structures were created like the great pyramids. As far as ‘do overs’ I would have wanted to be with my mother at her passing. I would also change how I dealt with my divorce and my interaction with my children.

What is your take on time travel, and other parallel dimensions, and why? 

The pronouncements of Einstein and Hawking that time travel and parallel dimensions are possible to increase my belief in both.

Do you think sci-fi is all fiction?

I believe some ideas are not fiction but predictions of things to come. So, it’s actually not so much fiction as it is things that haven’t happened, yet. You have to ask the question, did nuclear submarines exist when 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was written? Did we have phasers when Star Trek began on TV? Concepts such as multi-dimensions and time travel have some basis in theory based on Stephen Hawking, Einstein, and their mathematical equations. So, science fiction may not be as much fiction as some people think.

Author Gene Abel surrounded by two fans at a recent book event

Tell me what your thoughts are about the topic of UFOS.

One thing I would like to emphasize is that if we do make direct contact with extraterrestrial life and that contact is not belligerent, they could provide us with a wealth of information about our past.

If in fact, they have been visiting planet Earth for a long time, their perspective on our development would be valuable. They could also provide us with information about the greater universe which we have been seeking with our probes and satellites.

Tell me about your latest book, The Aliens Step In.

My new book begins as a time travel adventure and goes into actual alien contact by returning to the past to try to prevent China from interfering in major historical events. We discover it is best not to change things because we don’t know what we are going to get.

The aliens were fully capable of enforcing the edict of stopping time travel. They offer Earthlings a gift to stop our Time Travel activities that would make a major difference; a window that we could look at any time in history without changing anything.

This gives us a streaming opportunity to tailor the events we feature, such as dinosaurs for the younger audience, a romantic interlude with Ben Franklin in Paris for the female reader, or the male audience could witness a Civil War battle up close.

How does it feel to have completed your book trilogy?

I was pleased to finish the Trilogy, and transition from time travel to alien contact and the exciting impact that the gift they provide to the Earthlings holds. The prospect of trying to turn the Defenders of Time into a TV series is truly exciting.

What are the best parts of seeing/holding/spreading the word about your published books?

I am flattered by the hundreds of supportive readers commenting on my diverse catalog. Three Sci-fi books, one UFO documentary, a Romance novel, and a political analysis of what we face today. I truly liked the comments about the Video Trailers for each of my books which can be watched by going to my website, 

Why do you encourage people to buy your books and come to your signing events?

I like to welcome the reader to my ideas and hope it will give them some enjoyment. That is why I want people to read my books and get a chance to meet readers at my book signings. My new book is for anyone who is a sci-fi aficionado and loves sci-fi adventures.

Prolific author Gene Abel surrounded by several of his books

What are a few of your favorite books?

War of the World20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and The Time Machine; all classics. I also enjoyed The Highlander Series and Star Trek (Series 1 and 2).

Tell me what some of your favorite reactions are to The Aliens Step In.

I appreciate comments like “This would make a great movie. I could not put it down. Loved the way you developed the characters. The way the plot unfolded was captivating.  Exciting time-travel adventure that immerses readers in history. “I am thrilled to give this book a five-star rating! I eagerly look forward to the next adventure. Imaginative storytelling leaves the readers hungry for more. I love it!”

What is your overall aim as an author, storyteller, and entertainer?

I hope to be able to reach a much larger audience to enable me to branch out as I described. My wish is to see a larger number of people enjoy my books.

What is a life philosophy that keeps you working so hard at age 82, a time when many people slow down?

My philosophy is: I know I will not hit a home run every time I come to bat, but if I never get up to bat, I will never hit one.

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