Top Money Tips This Holiday Season That Won’t Break the Bank from Author Dawn Santoriello

With Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas around the corner, Certified Financial Planner®, and Author Dawn Santoriello wants us to eat, drink, be merry, give some thoughtful gifts…but not go into debt at the same time. This is why the president of DS Financial Strategies has some top money tips to keep us in good stead this holiday season.
The author of the new book The Spiritual Path to Prosperity: The Truth About Money Revealed, (July 2021), believes there are simple steps to financial wellness. As such, she is eager to inspire each of us to reach a balance in our lives when it comes to our money dreams and goals.

“It’s all about getting out of your way,” says Santoriello, a  Certified Financial Planner™ an accountability coach, motivational speaker, and inspiring mentor. “We need to combine spirituality with the financial know-how to figure out how to manifest money, and properly invest it; I keep it simple and I know that it works.”

Santoriello, who resides in Suburban Philadelphia, has lived through her own financial difficulties, and this is why her book is filled with sage advice. But by using tenacity, determination, and drive as an adult, she was able to turn her own finances around. In fact, she is not only sharing her advice in the U.S. and Canada, but as far as the Philippines, India, and Qatar.

“I am passionate, as anyone who has spent 10 minutes with me can attest to,” she explains. “I am committed to the success of my clients and I put my whole heart into what I do. I help my clients with their money mindset, and I give them the tools to clear any of their money blocks.”

Here are 5 Top Tips for a Fun and Financially-Stable Holiday This Year:
1) Start with a budget and stick to it.  Decide how much to spend on each person and who you will be buying gifts for. 
2) Plan your spending for next year.  Once you have your budget divide that number by 12 and start saving that amount each month so you will already have the money when you get the bill in January.
3) Shop online early and look for deals throughout the year don’t wait until the last minute.
4) If funds are tight do a gift exchange or Secret Santa with your family.  That way you are only buying one gift instead of many.
5) Don’t forget to treat yourself.  You have worked hard all year you deserve to treat yourself.  Self-love is a key to manifesting more abundance in your life.
For more information on Dawn’s new book: The Spiritual Path to Prosperity: The Truth About Money Revealed,
To check out Dawn’s website go to DS Financial Strategies
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