Spider-Man: No Way Home Delivers on an Action-Packed, Mind-Bending Adventure

Marvel’s Latest Feature is Shocking Audiences and Filling Spider-Man Fans Hearts with Glee.


The recent MCU installment Spider-Man: No Way Home hit theaters almost a week before Christmas and critics and audiences have been going insane over the film’s world building, character development, and tongue and cheek twists and turns.

The film follows our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Peter Parker(Tom Holland) in the aftermath of his secret identity being broadcasted across live television. Thanks to the Preceding film Spider-Man: Far From Home antagonist Mysterio(Jake Gyllenhaal), Peter now must face the repercussions of a world learning his most intimate secret.

While dealing with this chaos, Peter must also start the brave and strenuous journey of applying to colleges. His girlfriend MJ Watson(Zendaya) and best friend Ned Leeds(Jacob Balaton) dream of receiving an acceptance to MIT which proves to be difficult due to the two’s association with Peter.

These stressors lead Peter to ask for the assistance of his old friend Doctor Strange(Benedict Cumberbatch) to create a spell that allows the world to forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. When Peter’s indecisiveness and emotions end up contorting the spell, characters from all across the Spider-Man universe enter Peter’s world and vow to destroy Spider-Man.

The film has easily earned the title of the most anticipated Marvel film of the year. With classic Spider-Man characters and their original actors returning, the film promised new horizons for the MCU as well as a more indepth look at the characters that thrived on the comic book page before even arriving on screen.

Spider-Man fans are raving at this film’s ability to balance so many iconic characters and storylines that are integral to the Spider-Man narrative. It’s hard to discuss a film of such grandeur without diving into spoilers but without revealing too much, viewers will be giddy with the amount of references, appearances, and easter eggs that are included in this cinematic indulgence.

Marvel fans are receiving the film well too even though some are complaining of the new implications this film has put in place for future Marvel films as well as past ones(this being a movie about manipulating reality and time itself and all).

The humor is on point, as in modern Marvel fashion. Quips are perfectly delivered from Cumberbatch, Leeds, and Holland stealing the show with their charming characters. MJ’s development deepens with every film in the franchise but is especially explored in this film-more specifically her relationship with Peter and how him being Spider-Man affects them as a couple.

No Way Home has recently grossed more than 600 million dollars domestically. Online critics and die-hard Spider-Man fans are calling it one of if not the best Spider-Man movie ever made.

The film may have it’s incongruences in the context of the MCU but as a Spider-Man film, it serves as a love letter to the beloved web-slinger and all extraordinary characters in his Universe. A pro tip, definitely don’t skip the end credits scene for this one.

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