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Ads Coming to Netflix — For Everyone

Like it or not, Netflix is about to force advertising on all its subscribers. The news comes from The New York Time’s Dealbook Conference. As one of Netflix’s founding members, current Chairman/co-CEO Reed Hastings announced back in April of 2022 it was “open” to advertising due to lagging growth. Advertising innuendo has been in the open for some time as Hastings answered the question directly in the past offering that Netflix kept advertising off the table due to potential competitors Facebook and Google. The flip has all but come about as Hastings suggested a cheaper ad based Netflix may be in the offering, “I didn’t believe in the ad-supported tactic for us. I was wrong about that. Hulu proved you could do that at scale and offer customers lower prices. We did switch on that.” Give Hastings some credit with his justification for the change. “The big thing that I missed is I was on the Facebook board, so I bought in for a decade to the belief that systems relying on data were going to be able to do higher CPMs than anyone else.” 

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