“A Truly Dynamic Duo: Being Inspired by the Wisdom of Podcasters Snowman and the Ice Queen”

What would happen if you connected two passionate and inspiring communicators who are both dealing with life and death issues? The answer is the riveting new podcast, Speaking Our Truth with Snowman and Ice Queen.

The first podcast took place on Friday, March 11.

Experienced podcaster, sports radio guy, and public speaker Brian Snow, has recently teamed up with trauma survivor, intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and author, Stacey Piedrahita and the result is pure magic.

Stacey’s dramatic near-death experience is something that each of us needs to hear. A former oncology nurse and born nurturer, she knows that her positive attitude and resilience saved her life.

“People need to see how your mindset sets the tone for your health,” she explains. “Brian’s positive attitude and grace are exactly how I have handled every debilitating illness that I have had to overcome. He is a true warrior and I am a warrior. This alliance was meant to be.”

Stacey is extremely excited about her book, Intuitive: Speaking Her Truth, a collection of life-changing stories from Stacey and 23 other women from around the globe who know what happens when a woman stands in her own power. “To say this was an opportunity of a lifetime is a major understatement,” explains Stacey.

She is eager to share her truth with local, regional, and national audiences, help women find and share their voices and help them make meaningful connections. The Art of Grace publishing house is changing the narrative around women sharing their voices.

Stacey Piedrahita

For Stacey “laughter is clearly the best medicine,” and it is always what has been pivotal in her own healing process.

Brian describes himself as a podcaster, sports fan, a mental health patient, a cancer patient, and a survivor of COVID. He started his podcast Snowman in the Morning in 2013, and he is excited to work with Stacey because of her energy and the fact that they identify with one another’s experiences. The aim: is to dispel the myths of mental health and stigma that make the conversation so uncomfortable and open the door to true healing.

“I feel our vision aligns with making the world a healthier and happier place,” she says. “We both struggle with mental health issues and realize we are both thankful for our scars. It has made both of us kind, compassionate human beings. We are much more empathetic to what is happening in the world today. Our authenticity is so raw and our chemistry is magical!”

Why should all of us listen to this dynamic duo?

“We have both been through hell most of our lives. We have never been victims on the outside,” Stacey explains. “On the inside, we were both broken beyond repair, or so we thought. The magic is in our brokenness. Between the two of us, we have been able to overcome what would have killed most. We are resilient.”

Stacey adds, “We are survivors. We are showing people it’s okay not to be okay. We are giving people permission to own their own truth. The world is falling apart; people need to know they are not alone in their journey. We are not afraid of having the authentic, real, raw conversations that make most people uncomfortable.”

Stacey added, “By speaking our truth and sharing our stories, we will start to heal the broken souls in the world. While continuing to heal ours. No one should ever feel alone. We both felt alone most of our lives until we met our soul mates. We are blessed beyond all measure.”

Brian, who is battling cancer with a great deal of grace and positivity, says that we are all “rising from the ashes. We have been through hell in many ways –physically, emotionally, and mentally — and now it is our time to rise and share our stories, while we heal and help those who seek true healing from the many forms of trauma.”

Brian Snow

His aim is quite simple. “To get as many eyes and ears on Speaking Our Truth that can identify with what we are speaking our truth about. The main focus is mental health and getting into an aspect of life that has been in the dark way too long,” and help each listener get to the other side.

“We want to connect to those who feel they don’t belong,” says Brian. “We know that they DO belong and we will show them that they do.”

His overall message is, “When you put your mind to it, you can do, see, and achieve anything. When you truly believe, you can step into your dreams and put them into action and not let ANYONE take them away.”

Stacey Piedrahita

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/srpiedrahita

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themanifestingvirgin/

Podcast – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UM-KXATj2I&t=355s

Brian Snow

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