Netflix’s Human Resources Balances an Emotional Core Aside Raunchy Humor

Human Resources Balances an Emotional Core Aside Raunchy Humor

Netflix’s Adult Animated comedy Big Mouth announced that it would be receiving a spin-off exploring the world of the creatures that help us discover our humanity.

Created by the same team for Big Mouth (Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Jennifer Flackett, and Mark Levin) with the addition of Kelly Galuska Human Resources just released its full first season on Netflix with positive reception thus far. 

The show follows the lives of interdimensional creatures that work at Human Resources a self-described “Big Mouth meets The Office” type of environment. 

The audience follows previously introduced monsters such as Maury (Nick Kroll) and Connie (Maya Rudolph) and new ones Emmy The Lovebug (Aidy Bryant) and Pete The Logic Rock (Randall Park). 

Each creature has an overarching but intertwining story that all meld together really well and allows for the characters to explore their own emotions outside of helping their human clients. 

The show, like Big Mouth, primarily focuses on topics of human sexuality, and toxic relationships but also contains riveting emotional narratives such as dementia, forbidden love, and post-partum depression. 

These important topics are often glossed over in many shows or only briefly touched on, in animated adult comedies they’re even less likely to be mentioned. 

It’s clear that Human Resources is no Bojack Horseman, but balancing over-the-top, edgy comedy with powerful moments that may even bring a tear to viewers’ eyes is not an easy feat. It definitely proves the value and necessity of the series. 

Of course, this is a Big Mouth spinoff and if you’re a fan of the original comedy, you will not be disappointed.

There are plenty of cameos and even expansions of certain characters that we only got a glimpse of in previous seasons, such as including Natalie (Josie Tovah) who was introduced in season 4, and exploring her family life. 

The world we find ourselves in is fleshed out very vibrantly without revealing too much and leaving opportunities open for more development next season. 

Seeing the variety of creatures interact and learn from each other all the while getting to know said creature’s purpose is exciting to watch and submerges the viewer further and further into this world. 

The humor is not particularly as fluid as Big Mouth‘s humor but the hilarious voice cast especially Aidy Bryant delivers some jokes flawlessly and invests you further into the lives of these strange characters. 

Of course, fans of this show and Big Mouth are wondering how the two stories will connect if they do at all, especially with some characters who are prominent figures on Big Mouth not being on the best of terms at the end of Human Resources’ first season. 

Season 6 of Big Mouth has no current release date but it’s predicted that it’ll premiere sometime this Fall or maybe even January of 2023. 

Fans are also worried that this will be Big Mouth‘s last season but if Human Resources is an indicator of what’s yet to come for this ever-expanding world viewers should be eager at the very least, to see what’s next for this refreshing, and heartfelt animated comedy. 

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