Rare Palindrome Occurs On February 2, 2020 That Hasn’t Occurred In Over 900 Years

In the year 2020, the date of February 2nd is shaping up to be very unique for a variety of reasons. Not only is it Groundhog Day, as well as, Super Bowl Sunday, but it just so happens to be the date of a very rare palindrome that hasn’t occurred in over 900 years. 

Palindrome dates in themselves are very common, however, 02/02/2020 has the unique distinction of reading the same backward and forward when written out in eight digits in multiple date systems. Many experts claim we are incredibly blessed to experience this type of palindrome in our lifetimes because of its extreme rarity. 

It is a completely international palindrome as well since it works all over the world. It works whether you write the date as “Month/Day/Year” or “Day/Month/Year”. Many palindrome dates are only symmetrical if you write the date with seven digits (1-10-2011) or in some cases even fewer (9-10-19).

There will not be another palindrome like this one for another 101 years, as the next time this will occur will be on March 3, 3030. The last time this type of palindrome has occurred was 11/11/1111 which was more than 900 years ago. 

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