Innovative Eco-Friendly Brand Sink Spinner Inspired By Family Now On Kickstarter!

Sink Spinner announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to help put an end to the nightmare of dirty sinks! Dirty sinks have been a source of untold stress and frustration for hundreds of years. Whether it’s toothpaste, shaving cream, whiskers, or makeup, your bathroom sink is, well… gross.

That’s why Bryan Alintoff, of Middletown, N.J., creator of the Sink Spinner, (patent pending), felt compelled to find a solution. Bryan and his then-eight-year-old son Hayden were brainstorming to come up with a product for the boy’s 3rd-grade product pitch competition, and one night after a long day, the idea for Sink Spinner came to Bryan.

A devoted single father of his now 11-year-old son Hayden, who has special needs, often has his hands full. “Hayden is an awesome kid who moves a mile a minute,” his father says. Like most parents, Bryan was often exhausted by the end of the day and dreaded cleaning up a dirty bathroom basin after Hayden got ready for bed. Bryan thought there must be a better way!

And that’s how the Sink Spinner was born. Hayden presented the Sink Spinner at the pitch competition, and all of the parents and teachers came up to him and said that they wanted and needed a Sink Spinner. Bryan decided to try and build one for real, and reached out to his friend Bill Bredenner, an engineer, who helped him create a prototype.

[Sink Spinner, a new eco-friendly alternative to scrubbing the bathroom sink will come to market soon.]

“For me, it is incredible to have my (now) 11-year-old child be able to go through this life-changing experience,” an enthusiastic Bryan explains. “I want to pinch myself because we have an amazing product that solves a big problem for families, and does it in an ecological way by saving countless gallons of water. It’s difficult to describe the excitement that I feel right now!”

Adds Hayden: “It seemed really hard with all of the work that went into it, but we pulled it off.”

The boy’s biggest surprise? “I didn’t expect to become famous at 11 years old.” Hayden also learned a vital life lesson from helping his dad invent this revolutionary new product. “If you want to do something, you can never give up,” advises Hayden “It may take a while; but you will get there!”

While making the prototype for the Sink Spinner, Bryan and his team learned how much water we waste while brushing our teeth or shaving. With the help of his amazing team, they found a way to automate rinsing our sink, and slow the flow of water!

The Sink Spinner saves over a gallon of water per minute, and transforms your existing bathroom faucet into the most eco-friendly faucet in the world. Together we can save the world, one sink at a time.

Launched on November 10, the opportunity to be part of such an important and life-changing product campaign will only be available until November 30th. Delivery is scheduled for March of 2021.

“This product is for everyone!” As one of our beta testers said, “This is a mental health issue! I literally want to kill my husband after he shaves each morning. Sink Spinner might save my marriage” ~ Carol S of Wynnewood, PA.

To view, the Kickstarter campaign go to:

For videos of the Sink Spinner, visit the Sink Spinner YouTube Channel

For other inquiries and further information, please contact Kristin Jacobson at [email protected] or call 312-714-7868.

[Sink Spinner, a remarkable new water-saving device that cleans the sink and makes toothbrushing fun for the entire family]
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