My Weight Loss Adventure Week Two

The Covid-19 Test

The update is that at my last doctor’s appointment I gained a pound But it was at a different time of day than I usually go and I had eaten two meals and not eliminated anything that day from my system. I think it was a false gain. I am going back this coming Friday to be weighed again.

I went to bed Thursday night with the beginnings of a sore throat. I didn’t think much of it as I have severe allergies this time of year and a sore throat for me is par for the course. I usually wake up and it’s gone. On Friday morning I woke at four in the morning and the throat was worse my head was stuffed, and I had developed a cough. Uh oh! I have a digital thermometer, so I took my temperature, and it was normal, sigh of relief there, but I wasn’t out of the woods. I felt really sick. I canceled my appointment with my psychiatrist as they wouldn’t let me in the building with the symptoms I was experiencing, and I called my doctor.

My doctor whose first name is Jim and will be referred to as Dr. Jim from this point forward, decided I needed a COVID-19 test. I hate the very idea of that test. Someone poking around in your nose with a ling Q Tip is not my idea of a good time. I, however, saw the necessity for it be done and agreed. I was told to wait as the hospital would call me to let me know when to come. I waited and I waited and I waited and no call came. I realized at five o’clock that the call wasn’t coming that day and decided to call in the morning. I called in the morning only to find that the tests weren’t administered on the weekend. What? The disease takes Saturday and Sunday off? Obviously, this hospital has never had dinner with The Dowager Countess of Grantham. Downton Abbey Fans will understand.

I talked to Jim and he was surprised but said to wait till Monday and see if they call. By this time I was feeling much better and asked if I still needed it. He gave his permission to skip it if they didn’t call. Fast forward through Sunday into Monday. Today. II had a great Sunday feeling almost normal. I woke up today feeling worse, so I started to make calls. It seems there was some kind of confusion with the paperwork and I was asked to call central scheduling myself, which I did and now I have a two o’clock appointment tomorrow afternoon for a drive through COVID-19 test. It seems they let you drive up, you lower your window they stick the swab up your nose and you leave. I’m wondering if the hospital is going to set up some golden arches out front with a sign that says “over one billion COVID-19 tests administered. It’s a thought.

Now what dose COVID-19 have to do with weight loss? In some ways nothing and in others quite a bit. In trying to change a lifestyle from unhealthy to healthy things will get in the way. The question is do you give up or do you muddle through or is it somewhere in between. I think it’s in the grey, in between area, that we find ourselves. We do what we can to stay on track, but we also need to realize there are some things that cannot be done when we are not feeling well. I did keep up my food journal. I even downloaded an app to configure how many calories I can have a day and will allow me to enter the foods I eat and tally the calories for me. For the last two days I have been about 500 calories below my limit. And I usually eat more when I have an upper respiratory thing going on. But not this time. I just don’t want to eat which is good.

So, I am on track but sick. I’ll have the COVID-19 test done tomorrow and will relay that experience next week. Stay healthy friends.

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