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A Bold Move by One of Delaware’s Premiere Businesses Pays Off

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Steve Dietz is promoted to President of Choice Remodeling

Steve Dietz Is Making Choice Remodeling A Household Name

Delaware is smack in the middle of the mid-Atlantic region. It gets its fair share of freak storms, occasional tornados, and hurricane damage. One company in Delaware is known for being more than a home remodeler. It’s known for its unique talent in helping customers. Similar to knowing 911 for emergencies, you may just want to keep Choice Remodeling‘s number at the ready. In terms of why, if you want the answer of how and by who at Choice Remodeling, read on.

What’s Choice Remodeling’s Secret?

Starting with a unique customer service model, Choice Remodeling goes beyond the contractor role and operates as an advocate of insurance policy holders after storm damage. This mental model gives company employees peace-of-mind they are helping a Delaware neighbor, not just a customer.

The Steve Dietz Factor

Next, Choice Remodeling prides itself on growing and rewarding its own talent. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a team? Take for example the story of Steve Dietz.

In February of 2021, Choice Remodeling’s founder John Paoletti promoted Steve Dietz as President. Steve’s story not only illustrates why Choice Remodeling is one of Delaware’s 10 Best Company’s to work for, his story is a lesson to all businesses in perhaps the best strategy for happy customers and happy employees.

How Steve Did It | Part One: The People

Steve Dietz implemented multiple winning brand strategies for Choice Remodeling. Going back to 2007 when the economy was in a shambles of a recession, Choice Remodeling launched its nascent bifurcated strategy.

Choice’s real area of expertise lay in its ability to keep the insurance industry honest.

Steve Dietz

First, Choice Remodeling would level the playing field for its customers when dealing with insurance companies. To do this, it would constantly adapt and innovate work strategies — which required essential ongoing training of employees. This in turn had a dramatic positive effect on workplace morale. Employees know their value at Choice Remodeling. They have fun taking on battles on behalf of customers. By no means does this mean that Choice has an adversarial relationship with insurance companies. It’s a matter of negotiating strength. Not every business has it. In Steve’s own words, “Choice’s real area of expertise lay in its ability to keep the insurance industry honest. Working with a trusted general contractor who is HAAG Certified, is crucial to winning what is often referred to in the industry as the claim game. This isn’t a game of checkers. This is chess!”

Steve summarily illustrates the previous points. “The fact that we train our team to know what the others don’t, makes Choice unique. We are in a state of constant learning as policyholders often remain naive as to how unlevel the playing field is once they file a homeowner or commercial property claim. What we knew and how we did business just last year is obsolete. Innovation is the key to smarter and more efficient ways to better serve our top clients. Besides, we have a whole lot of fun doing it!”

Steve Dietz

Steve Dietz has been promoted to President of Choice Remodeling by founding Partner John Paoletti. Choice Remodeling serves Delaware and the greater Philadelphia region in home repair, remodeling and restoration.

How Steve Did It | Part Two: Digital Marketing

Second, Steve implemented innovative digital strategies such as one which turned the 2020 pandemic into a positive for the company, its employee and its fellow neighbors in Delaware. The result was instead of fighting to survive, Choice Remodeling achieved 20 percent growth in 2020.  Steve points out that he doesn’t take all the credit. Steve partnered with company founder John Paoletti throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.  

Choice Remodeling wasn’t merely in the right place and right time. The guiding principles Choice Remodeling’s leadership established prior made it possible to prosper during the unprecedented economic climate.

Steve Dietz Promoted To President of Choice Remodeling

Steve’s inevitable promotion to President of Choice Remodeling by John Paoletti is a result of a great business model focused on answering customer needs through constant innovation and employee empowerment. How else do you answer expected fiscal projection of $12,000,000 for 2021?

What You Can Learn From A Great Leader

Choice Remodeling’s secret is nuance. Details. Going beyond the norm. Steve understood the problems homeowners suffer at street level and solved that pain point for both customers and employees. It’s that attention to the human factor is why Choice Remodeling’s employees and customers are happy.

More Proof Positive Choice Remodeling Is One Of Delaware’s 10 Best

While Steve Dietz points out Choice Remodeling has award-winning GAF Certified Master Elite roofing specialists, the fact the company is hiring another 25 people in a pandemic speaks volumes. Positions from Project Consultants and training crews in their Choice Five Star Installation Process are up for grabs.

Add to it Deitz has created a successful, charitable and diverse corporate culture that makes Choice Remodeling worthy of Delaware’s Top Ten best businesses to work for.

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