Disney’s North American Tour of the Musical ‘Frozen’ is Sure to Melt Hearts in Philadelphia

Some aspects of our lives appear to be fated, and this is certainly the case with actress Lauren Nicole Chapman and her role as Anna in Frozen, who she adores and is thrilled to be sharing with audiences around the nation.

Her relationship with Frozen began at a workshop in 2017 with the Broadway company for a proposed 2018 when the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the show, but fate intervened and she and the magical show were reunited.

“I was so drawn to this story of two empowered women, sisterhood, and family,” she explained of the musical she has starred in for nearly two years. “It is also not a typical prince and princess story, and that’s why it has become and stayed so popular. Recent generations have grown up with this iconic story.”

The producer of The Lion King and Aladdin brings you Frozen, the Tony® nominated Best Musical. This long-awaited production, which is filled with more than a touch of magic, with Caroline Bowman starring as Elsa, is at the Academy of Music on the Kimmel Center Campus, in Philadelphia for three weeks, from March 21 through April 7.

Company of the North American tour of Frozen Photo credit: Deenvan Meer (Disney)

Chapman, who has an extremely melodic voice and the ability to belt out a song, began her love for musical theater when she was a child. Her stage credits include Kinky BootsLittle Shop of Horrors, Legally BlondeBarefoot in the Park, and performing ensemble vocals for the movie, Frozen 2.

Currently, there are productions of Frozen playing around the world, including Tokyo, London, and Hamburg. The Tony® nominated Best Musical completed its Broadway run in March 2020 after breaking four house records at The St. James Theatre. Since its Los Angeles premiere in 2019, the North American tour of Frozen has welcomed an astounding 2.1 million guests. The costumes, beautiful set, theatrics, choreography, and overall performances starting with the young actresses playing Anna and Ilsa, are all top-notch. There is also a great deal of comedy, much of it courtesy of Olaf, our favorite snowman. Frozen will surely put a BIG smile on your face.

 “With its messages of female empowerment, enduring friendship, and the bonds of sisterhood, Disney’s record-breaking box office hit, Frozen, at last arrives in Philadelphia,” said Frances Egler, the Vice President of Theatrical Programming and Presentations.

“We are thrilled to present this musical for the very first time (in forever),” she said. “Complete with all the magic and music that fans know and love from the hit animated film, plus new songs to fall in love with.”

 The following is a Q and A with Frozen’s Lauren Nicole Chapman:

What is it like to perform on a Broadway stage?

 It’s unreal. When I was little if I could tell my younger self that this is what I would be doing, I don’t think she would have believed me.

What are your favorite songs in the show?

My first favorite is First Time and Forever, which is Anna’s big song and it is a big energy burst for me. That is the song I have grown the most through the role. It is great fun to sing and I feel that when I first re-joined the tour, I connected with who Anna is and how she resonates with me.

There is a new song that they just added for the tour which replaced the reprise in Act 2 with I Can’t Lose You; it is a beautiful duet featuring Anna and Elsa. We know that the audience is on board when I see a lot of adults connecting with these characters in a very unified feeling of whatever that means to you – it transcends the ages. So it is appealing whether you have been a Frozen fan for 10 years or an hour and a half; it is special for everyone.

Lauren Nicole Chapman as Anna and Dominic Dorset as Kristoff in the North American tour of Frozen. Photo credit: Matthew Murphy. (Disney)

When the movie came out in 2013 every little girl had an Anna or Elsa doll, so I am wondering if you have any Frozen toys?

The moment I booked Frozen in 2017 I went to the Disney store and bought one of the Anna plush toys that was dressed in the typical cape, boots, and braids. I grew up as a Disney baby who watched Disney movies every day, so never in my wildest dreams did I foresee this. I am still a fan and getting to share Frozen in this way is an incredible pinch-me moment. In the past year, I went to Disneyland with some of my cast members and it was surreal to share this.

Please talk about the attraction of Frozen for both children and adults. Do they come to the stage door to tell you how much they enjoyed the production?

Yes, after the show it is amazing to see the response. This is a lot of young people’s experience of seeing their first Broadway show and I remember that experience. I got the bug when I was so young so I hope they walk away and want to see another show. I have had a couple little ones who say ‘I want to do what you do.’ That is so special because I want them to know how viable and possible to do – so the fact that they feel it’s possible is an extremely surreal moment I’ve had across many stage doors across the country. I respond by saying, ‘Work hard, keep dreaming, and I am a testament that it really does happen.’

How do you deal with the rejection?

Look, I’m in my 30s and the no’s keep coming, but as actors, we are all very resilient. When I see these little kids, I see that same resilience and drive. If you want to do it badly enough, I believe that you will find a way.

What is your relationship to the movie, Frozen?

I watch it all the time. If it’s on TV I won’t turn it off, I can’t turn it off. I got to participate in some of the background vocals for Frozen 2 and it’s a good reminder of how I feel, that there’s this honor and pressure to uphold these animated characters that people have come to fall in love with and bring myself to the role, too. This is also a good reminder of these qualities we bring to life.

 Do you have children in your life who are Frozen fans?

 Oh, yes. I have friends with young kids who I get major points from.

Lauren Nicole Chapman as Anna and Will Savarese as Hans. in the North American tour of Frozen. Photo credit: Matthew Murphy (Disney)

 What do you love about spending time in Philadelphia?

This is my second time coming to Philadelphia, The first time was 2014-2015 when I toured with Kinky Boots. I love Rittenhouse Square; I love the vibe and I feel so lucky to be in town for three weeks. I love Philadelphia, so I will go around and tour some of the historic sites and different neighborhoods. I love walking around Philly and feeling the energy of Philly while being there for 3 weeks and seeing where the day brings you.

When you get to a new city on tour do you seek out your favorite places to make it feel more like home?

I definitely try to explore each city as much as possible. Being away from home I search for three things – a great local coffee shop, yoga studio, and grocery store and all of this helps me start my new routine.

What are you looking forward to when it comes to your future?

 I’m about to get married to a performer. So, we will have the opportunity to spend time with family members. It has been an amazing six years of Frozen, on and off, so I hope there are more Disney and more Disney musicals in my life. Or performing on TV. We will be back in New York City, married and open to more performing, singing, acting, and all of the great energy that comes with it in our lives. 

Lastly, why should my readers see this show?

We are constantly evolving and have an amazing crew and group making this all happen. The magic is so special. Live theater is the best because no show is the same. There are amazing special effects and lighting. If you have seen the animated film and are thinking of coming to see this you will experience 12 new songs by the same composing team as the movie.

So, there are these amazing new songs and magic within that as well. It is a big flashy Broadway musical that everyone loves and then some. Let’s be frank, the song Let It Go is incredible. I watch it from the wings and I am amazed by what is happening on that stage. It’s really special and important for us to see this story of two women raising each other up. People will be amazed by all of its splendor.

Lauren Nicole Chapman as Anna and the company of the North American tour of Frozen. Photo
credit: Matthew Murphy (Disney)


Academy of Music

March 21, 2024 – April 7, 2024

For tickets to all performances of Disney’s Frozen in Philadelphia please go to www.ensembleartsphilly.org  

For more information, visit FrozenTheMusical.com/Tour, Facebook, and Instagram.




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