Young Hair Stylist Mackenzie Sangle Challenges Us All to Pursue Our Passions Regardless of Age

Many 19-year-olds are exploring their varying outlets in the job market, looking for opportunities to expand their skills and discover new ones, hoping it will lead them to happiness and prosperity in their careers. Mackenzie Sangle however, is already one step ahead. While only beginning to style hair a little over a year ago, her position at Eclipps Salon in Totowa, New Jersey, and a connection with her clients has allowed her to brandish the best parts of herself and help others achieve a new look, both internally and externally. Mackenzie’s emphasis on a client’s personal needs help develop the right style for any given moment. Whether a school dance, wedding, or a hair emergency, Mackenzie and her colleagues at Eclipps are dedicated to improving clients’ lives’ by curating the essential feelings of beauty and confidence with their variety of services, from haircuts, to dye jobs, and so much more. 


Q. Did anything directly inspire you to become a hairstylist? Are there any other creative passions you want to explore?

A. Honestly it was something I had picked up when I was younger. I had always wanted to feel pretty, or [have] a pretty persona, as some would say. This creative path allowed me to explore beauty and what it really means and how to enhance myself and others into feeling like the best version of themselves. I can’t see myself doing anything but hair. I have been into photography but it correlates with my profession. Being able to understand lighting, angles, and camera work has really helped improve my personal branding.


Q. Talk about your position at Eclipps Salon. What do you and the other stylists aim for when helping clients?

A. I am a stylist at Eclipps Salon in Totowa, New Jersey. As a whole, we specialize in custom color, extensions, and cuts. Personally, I cannot speak for my co-workers, but when dealing with my clients I tend to cater to their insecurities. My end goal for my clients is to fall in love with themselves, whether that is with color, a new cut, or honestly just a blow-dry style. Pampering my clients brings out their self-confidence, which in my opinion, is the best result anybody can get. 

Credit: @hairwkenz on Instagram

 Q. How do you balance styling and all of the other responsibilities that come with being a young adult?

A. Work-life balance is something I try to make a priority. I broke down my schedule to fit my personal life, which in this industry is a luxury. Thankfully, I work in an environment where my coworkers and boss made it possible for me. I am young, not even twenty years old yet. My passion for this industry makes it possible for me to not dread going to work, which is something I tend to hold on to. Balancing my life with work is important, but when you love what you do as much as I do, a 13-hour day feels like nothing. As I said, the balance does come, as I try to see my friends and family frequently, and work one other job. It’s a lot but worth it. 


Q.  What was a styling job that was intimidating initially but you felt very proud of after it was completed?

A. Blonding. A blonding service is one of the most tedious services a stylist can offer. At first I was terrified, the horror stories of frying hair off with lightener got to me. It’s actually funny that I am a blonding specialist now.


Q. How does the work that you and your other stylists do at Eclipps differ from other salons?

A. My own work is custom to my own client. As a salon, originality is something we give 100%. My coworkers and I strive to provide the best quality, yet we consider individuals. Meaning, we understand humans, we understand budgeting, we get emergencies, and we get the emotions. Our slogan is “where comfort and luxury meet.”  We take every client on a personal level, in order to provide the best results for them, that are long-lasting. Every person in Eclipps Salon is so personable and welcoming to anyone, no matter the shape, size, or personality. We work to have fun and be creative, not to judge anyone or anything. So in difference to other salons, we provide personalization to every single client to make them feel like the best version of themselves. 

Credit: @hairwkenz on Instagram

Q. What would you say to aspiring hair stylists who want to make this a career but are afraid they are too young or not experienced enough?

A. Just go for it. Honestly, everyone starts and fails somewhere. You cannot be afraid of failing, you have to welcome it. Learning from mistakes you make in this industry is so important to every stylist. Age does not matter, it is your passion and dedication. When I first started I was 18 years old just doing my mom’s hair, now I am fully booked out for months. It’s building up your own confidence in your own work that makes a stylist, not age or experience. Experience will come with time, and so will skill, but don’t fear failure, or you already lost yourself in it. If you ever feel like you are doubting yourself in this field feel free to reach out to me @hairwkenz on Instagram! I would be more than happy to talk to all of you!

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