Young DJ Dylan Feszko Reflects on His Journey Into Musical Entertainment

Through the halls of Neshaminy High School, as students shuffled to their next classes, there was always one student who called attention wherever he went. With headphones covering his ears, head bobbing, and shoes skidding on the shiny linoleum, Dylan Feszko carried his passion with him dancing down the hallways and getting lost in the music. Now, Dylan is continuing his artistry through his self-started company with the help of his parents, Milkyway Music Enterprise LLC. Performing all over Eastern Pennsylvania and even expanding to New Jersey, Dylan is committed to bringing unforgettable memories to parties and special occasions everywhere he can. Dylan also has broadened his talents by experimenting with music production and has released two singles to date under the name ddjmilkyway. At just 21 years old, Dylan has blazed a prosperous path for himself through music, connecting with artists, and fostering a relationship with his faith that has allowed him to have such an impact on every community he visits. 

Q. Where do you think your interest in music and DJing began? Is it something you’ve always seen yourself doing?

A. Performing as a professional DJ & MC was definitely something I did not see in my future nor running my own entertainment company at the age of 13; however, I’m extremely grateful for the parents that God has blessed me with. My parents pursued my confidence on the mic to handle crowds and provide my mixing talents as a service to families for their private parties, wedding couples, school gatherings, and other public events.

My interest in music took off when I discovered the art of DJing. Back in 2015 as an 8th grade student attending Carl Sandburg Middle, school dances were always a joy. Through YouTube, I discovered a DJ named, ”Marshmello” mixing music in his bedroom. The video captivated me so much that I found a DJ app on my iPad which was all I could use at the time. I began to study and practice beat matching and music mashups. Later on, I performed a mix in front of my parents and they were impressed. So, I was allowed to purchase my first real hands-on DJ controller and speakers with the money I saved up from my birthdays. My first paid event went on to be my own middle school graduation party in front of all of my classmates and teachers! It was a moment of goodness that formed into a passion.

Q. How did you come up with your signature name “DJ Milkyway”, which people have been calling you since middle school?

A. When I was young and even in my early school years I dreamt of flying into outer space or landing on the moon, and even though I chose a different career path I still loved the thought of exploring space and wanted to keep a piece of that. So, my stage name became, ”DJ Milkyway” after the Milky Way galaxy. My business is also named Milkyway Music Enterprise LLC.


Q. Your parents helped you found your company Milkyway Music Enterprise LLC when you were just 13. Talk about how you’ve promoted and grown the company since.

A. In the beginning, it was through word of mouth and business cards that kept business growing gradually. After I graduated from Neshaminy High and with all of the extra time moving out of my parent’s home, that is when I took my business thoughts and services more seriously by implementing a website, event recap posts on social media, hiring other DJs and photographers, and running ads on multiple platforms.


Q. You DJ at a lot of events from sweet sixteens to fundraisers, and so much more. Is there a specific event where you especially like to DJ?

A. School events from K-12 have always been fulfilling events to entertain as I was once a student and always looked forward to my school dances. From the snacks to the music and dance battles! Always a memory for the younger generations to look back on and is a place where I can inspire those who come for the fun!


Q. You’ve expressed that you’ve put music-making on pause but are still engaging thoroughly with the entertainment world. Talk about this choice.

A. I have been writing music since high school and released two singles thereafter. ”Golden Flas” and ”Held Her Hand,” under ddjmilkyway and these can be found on all listening platforms however, as my entertainment business increases in growth by working with food truck events, fundraisers, schools, and my studies towards my trade skill as an Electrician. I find it difficult to create and promote my music so I have put it on hold. This means I can continue to spend time with my family on occasion, grow my faith in the lord, serve at church, and hang with close friends.

Q. Who’s an artist you’d love to collaborate with? Can you share any possible collaborations that are in the works?

A. I have a few talents lined up for when my schedule becomes more available and I’m excited for these artists. ”JustChris” is someone I’ve recorded and mastered many of his tracks already.


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