Rehya Stevens Gives a Show-Stopping Voice to The Soundtrack of Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny

Review of Rehya Stevens’s songs in Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny


The new Lifetime drama Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny doesn’t only portray a riveting story about a young woman desperate to save herself from the dangerous inner circle of a glamourous superstar, the film also features an eclectic soundtrack fronted by the lively vocals of popstar Rehya Stevens

When Rehya last spoke to Pop Culture Press, she expressed her immense excitement at the release of “Love Party,” (a song featured in the film) that encourages us to celebrate our individuality and join each other on the dance floor. 

The film, which was released on October 29, also features two additional songs from Rehya that celebrate individuality, acceptance, and love that tie in effortlessly with the essence of the film while accentuating the most intense moments. 

Following young writer Gabby (Monroe Cline) who takes a job nannying the daughter of international superstar Justice Grace (Yolanthe Cabau), the film takes us through many twists and turns as Gabby discovers terrifying truths about Justice’s last nanny as well as the hidden lives and intentions of her entourage. 

In addition to protecting Justice’s daughter, Gabby must fight to protect herself and learn how to navigate a treacherous celebrity-infested world where no one and nothing is what it seems. 

Rehya provides the vocals for Justice Grace while Yolanthe Cabau gives a heartfelt performance as a woman who’s seen as the epitome of stardom but in actuality is struggling with this persona and is desperate for a genuine friend. 

The shimmering costumes worn by Justice feature a glittery fur hot pink bodysuit, a belted baby blue shiny dress complete with rhinestone shoulders, and an elegant full-body gown. The glamorous attire and Rehya’s voice bring the character to life and effectively immerse the viewer into this world of glitz, fame, and fortune while slowly revealing what’s really underneath. 

Yeah Yeah (We Got It)” (performed by Rehya’s group The Dang Kids) and “Love Party” are more upbeat tracks that introduce Justice as a fun, lovable pop star with a primary focus on bringing people together.

 “Ride or Die” serves as the more “real” side of Justice Grace, chock-full of honesty, and untamed tenderness for those she may have taken for granted.

“Love Party” radiates unrestrained rave pop with an essential message of inclusivity and unity embedded in its lyrics. The lyric video for the song that Rehya produced features brightly colored disco balls and graphic stars coupled with footage from the film. 

“Yeah Yeah (We Got It)” treats us to the featured vocals by Gene Siegel alongside Rehya as the two jam out to this pop-punk tune about being yourself and shedding the preconceived notions others have placed on you. 

The video for the song gives off a more rock and roll vibe as you can see audience members thrashing along to the rhythmic pounding of the drums and the unmatched energy of the electric guitars. One listen to this song and you’ll feel as if you’ve just left a smashing concert. 

“Ride or Die” sees Justice bathed in stage lights and the glow of phone flashlights from the audience as she sings the passionate ballad about giving up the familiar, albeit dysfunctional world in exchange for the happiness of the person you love. 

The atmosphere created by the soft white lights and the melancholy piano submerges viewers in heartache only to be lifted by the soaring, triumphant chorus. 

The soundtrack set to the film takes viewers on a harrowing journey through seduction, lies, the repercussions of fame, and how love triumphs in the darkest of times. Rehya and her colleagues’ commitment to telling the story through music adds a tremendous amount of depth and keeps audiences hooked for the next track. 

Whether throwing your hands up in the air to “Love Party”, rocking out to “Yeah Yeah (We Got It)” or swaying in your seat to “Ride or Die” Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny is certain to captivate and indulge viewers in the intoxicating world of celebrity life.

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