HBO Max News and New Releases

HBO Max is Now Max and they saved a lot on logo design! Now let’s get to this month’s news!

Max Is Official as of May 23

HBO Max is a thing of the past. The streaming purge of 2023 has nothing on what the Warner Bros. & Discovery merger has done to HBO and HBO Max. However, at least this part of the long-discussed renaming of HBO Max is complete as of May 23rd. So what has changed?  Let’s cover installing the app first. You may question if you need the latest iteration of the app for your smart TV, iPhone, or Android phone. As of May 23rd, the Max app isn’t available, but it does show up in the Google Play store. It will allow you automatically install it when it is available. Otherwise a quick search of “Max” does display the app right below the HBO Max app in the Google Play library. There’s no reason to think this isn’t the same across other platforms.  As for price, If you subscribe to HBO the app will only need you to verify your cable provider account login. As a stand-alone streaming service, it is $19.99. No ads, 4 streams, 4k, 100 offline downloads. Next is $15.99. No ads, 2 streams 1080p, and 30 downloads. then there is $9.99 with ads. 2 streams, 1080p, and NO offline downloads.  If you just want Discovery+ it too is still available at 6.99 without ads, and 4.99 with ads.  As for why even go with Max, there is the Game of Thrones spin-off, The Hedge Knight, The Batman series, and the Harry Potter rebooted as a series. Of course, none of these are available now. Maybe hold off on Max for a bit if you too are cost-cutting. 

Will Thrifty Discovery Warner Bros. Save a CW Arrow Verse Show?

While it is unconfirmed that the show will come to Max, rumors do confirm that talks are taking place to save Superman and Lois. Don’t get too excited, it’s the last of the Arrowverse shows to run its course. Let’s face it, these shows were less superhero escapes and more like superheroes meet Dawson’s Creek. 




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