The Mayor’s Live At The Acropolis Delivers Rampaging Tracks and a Hell of a Good Time

Review of The Mayor’s Live At The Acropolis 

A follow-up to their Grammy-submitted and considered album There Will Be No Miracles Here, Live At The Acropolis is New York-based metal band The Mayor’s latest EP. Members Mike (Tyson) Abiuso, Kevin (Bacon) Otto, James (Bond) Ryan, and Joe (Pesci) Occhiuti have teamed up with Kill Iconic records to release 5 raging tracks that are sure to blow your speakers out (in the best way possible).

There is not a dull moment on the EP. From electrifying riffs to the pounding of drums, Live At The Acropolis combines all classic elements of the metal genre while injecting the group’s signature style and humor into the mix. The beginning of the second track “Quit While You’re Ahead” features the band prompting listeners to count to 10 only for them to come in guns blazing vocally and musically before they can get to 2.

The opening song “Get your F***** Shinebox” immerses you right into The Mayor’s world with a distorted riff leading right into Mike’s haunting vocals. It’s a short introduction to the EP but gives just enough of a taste to listeners-signaling there’s plenty more chaos on the way.

Live At The Acropolis was written and recorded in 5 days meaning every track was crafted in just a single day. The Mayor proves that the key to capturing their sound is to have a really good time and to never take yourself too seriously.

Lead vocalist Mike Abiuso describes the production of the EP as a culmination of frustrations due to the pandemic, a topic that seems to be the centerpiece of a lot of inspiration for artists these days. Despite an overwhelming feeling of loneliness and resentment towards the unparalleled, uncontrollable circumstances, The Mayor did what artists do best-they continued to make art.

“We were all pretty much out of work during the pandemic, so in a tornado of emotions that leaned towards fear and frustration, we found ourselves isolated, but together, bunkered down in the studio in the similar fashion we were accustomed to 20+ years prior in our parent’s basement. Yes, we’ve been friends and played music together for that long, I know, it’s absolutely stupid.

That said, we wrote and recorded a song a day with very little concern aside from the joy of each other’s company and a handful of bad jokes to pair. Contrary to the sound of the EP, we may very well be the least serious band out there in this genre, I don’t know. At any rate, that’s how we made the EP. How it got picked up by a record label is beyond me, but we’re pumped!”

As for what’s next for The Mayor, the band is planning to jump right back in the studio every day for the next 10 years until their latest single is complete, according to them. Considering the band’s impeccable ability to record and produce a killer track in a day’s time we can only predict and hope that it won’t be long until their next project.

In the meantime, If you’re looking for 5 tracks to scream and jump along with, releasing your indignation towards an unstable world while still capturing the feeling of goofing off with your friends, look no further than Live At The Acropolis.

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