Top 10 Upcoming Christmas Movies

New Christmas Movies for 2021

It’s that time of year again-where everyone overlooks Thanksgiving and dives right into all those familiar holiday festivities. The phrase “Alexa, play Christmas music” is more popular than you think in November, but after the repetitive and desolating cycle we’ve been in over the past two years, it’s only fair to crave some Christmas magic. 

Here are 10 upcoming Christmas movie releases that will surely get you singing “Jingle Bells” and baking gingerbread cookies before the turkeys even on the table. 

1. Christmas Again

 Following the story of 11-year old Rowena (Ro) played by Scarlett Estevez and her changing family, a mall Santa gifts our young protagonist an ever-lasting Christmas. At first Ro seems to be living the dream, engaging in plenty of youthful mischief that comes with no repercussions. She soon realizes though, how much she’s missing out on while re-living the same day over and over and contemplates how to move forward with her family and keep the Christmas spirit alive! 

Christmas Again premiers on Disney Channel on December 3rd.

2. Home Sweet Home Alone

Another re-telling of a classic tale, Home Sweet Home Alone tells the story of Max Mercer played Archie Yates, a young boy whose family chaos has left him forgotten about and at the mercy of two scheming burglars. Comedy stars Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney are taking on the iconic role of the two burglars originated by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern in the original 1990 film. With an updated, modernized view, this remixed classic is surely to promise lots of laughs and fun for the whole family! 

Home Sweet Home Alone is now streaming on Disney+ 

3. 8 Bit Christmas

Neil Patrick Harris takes us back to the 80s with an all new retro Christmas story. Harris’s character John Doyle tells the story to his daughter of his 10-year old self wishing to receive a brand new Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas. With the same studio behind 2004’s Elf which became an instant Christmas classic upon release also taking on this nostalgic Christmas tale, 8 Bit Christmas is certain to deliver a fun filled frenzy for kids and adults alike!

8 Bit Christmas is now streaming on HBO Max 

4. The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star

Starring Disney darling Vanessa Hudgens, The Princess Switch 3 follows the tale of three look-alikes (all played by Vanessa Hudgens) who are tasked with stealing back the star of peace, a beautiful artifact stolen shortly after it’s transportation from The Vatican. Successfully playing two twin characters is already challenging enough, only time will tell if this High School Musical star can pull off playing three. 

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star is now streaming on Netflix 

5. Christmas in Tahoe

Though Hallmark channel Christmas movies are known for being notoriously cheesy, that doesn’t stop them from bringing holiday delight. Christmas in Tahoe follows a musical adventure starring the originator of Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls on Broadway Kyle Selig as well as popular 2000s band Train’s front man, Pat Monahan. This film is sure to serve up some Christmas fun with a cheery soundtrack inspired by Train’s 2015 album of the same name. 

Christmas In Tahoe premieres on the Hallmark Channel on November 28th

6. A Very Merry Bridesmaid

Another brand new Hallmark Channel Christmas classic stars sitcom queen Emily Osment. Osment has appeared in multiple films and TV shows over the years, getting her start in 2006 on Disney’s hit show Hannah Montana. She also appeared in Christmas Wonderland, another signature Hallmark Christmas film. A Very Merry Bridesmaid might just be the next go to Hallmark rom-com for viewers who return every year to their screens for some mushy holiday fun. 

A Very Merry Bridesmaid premieres on the Hallmark Channel on December 4th

7. Love Hard

Believe it or not this one is not a modern follow up to 1988’s Die Hard. Instead, Netflix is pumping out another Holiday rom-com telling the story of Natalie who is catfished online by a guy who she flies out to New York to see-only to find out he looks nothing like his profile picture. A cliche premise for sure but in a Christmas setting? How could audiences say no to that? 

Love Hard is now streaming on Netflix

8. ‘Tis The Season To Be Merry

This new Hallmark film features a young woman named Merry played by Rachael Leigh Cook who journeys to Vermont in search of inspiration for her new book all about relationships. There she meets Adam played by Travis Van Winkle who you may have seen as Cary Conrad in season 3 of Netflix’s hit show You. With a beautiful snow-covered setting and all the rom-com feels to go around this film is easily another must-watch for anytime long time Hallmark viewers. 

‘Tis The Season To Be Merry premieres on the Hallmark Channel on December 19th

9. A Boy Called Christmas

Another new film from Netflix tells the story of a boy named Nikolas who is sentenced by the king to find an elf village and bring back hope for the kingdom. With the help of a talking mouse and some new friends, Nikolas teaches everyone that magic is real and the spirit of Christmas is alive. 

A Boy Called Christmas is now streaming on Netflix 

10. Father Christmas Is Back

A family reunion goes wrong when a family meets again at a Yorkshire mansion, grappling with deep-rooted family conflicts that they must face in order to survive the holidays. This UK comedy aims to be a relief for the adults forced to watch reruns of the same animated classics when they were kids. So grab a glass of wine and cozy up to a comedy all about the craziness of family during the holidays

Father Christmas is Back is now streaming on Netflix


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