My Weight Loss Adventure Week Five – The Supermarket

Thanksgiving week proved to be a challenge as there was so much really good food to eat.  The positive points were in getting the meal from an outside source there wasn’t much leftover and also we added extra vegetables so there were more veggies on the plate than starch. 

I want to go over a tip I was given when I started to try and lose weight.  Even though I have failed in the past this tip stands tried and true regardless.  Here’s the tip.  Shop along the 3 walls that make up your supermarket.

Here’s why.  The average Supermarket is set up in a variance of the exact same way.  You and look down the front wall of the store and you see a row of cash registers ready for checking you out for the rest of the explanation I am going to outline my local Giant food store but the floor plan is the same for the local Acme and Pricerite.

As soon as you can into the main entrance you are in the fruits and vegetable department.  Mainly the fresh vegetables line the first wall.  On the floor in different types of bins are mostly fruits.  So going up that first wall you are surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables the foundation of a healthy diet. 

As you turn the corner you are met by the seafood and then the meat department which takes up at least 3 quarters of the back wall.  Here you find healthy fresh sources of protein the next important building block of a good diet.

As the backwall begins to end you begin the dairy department.  Milk, cheese, yogurt, and eggs are all here.  These foods supply protein but also vitamin D and probiotics.  These are also essential for healthy living.

Rounding the final corner and before it turns into the cash register area we find the bakery.  Though there are some unhealthy traps here that need to be avoided there are also some especially important foods for dieters like whole-grain breads and rolls.

I’m not saying that the middle aisles of a Supermarket are bad.  You will still find some important items in them, like oatmeal, spices, fresh frozen vegetables and fruits.  I am saying that if you spend the bulk of your time and grocery budget shopping along the walls, you’ll come home with many more healthy food choices than if you spent more time in the aisles.

So today we took a short tour of a supermarket.  I hope it inspires you to spend your grocery budget a little more wisely and as always, stay healthy friends.

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