Gabe Rivera’s “The Mist” is The Perfect Song for Those Without a Valentine

Chocolates, teddy bears, and sharing a meal with a special someone isn’t the reality for everyone’s Valentine’s Day, and Gabe Rivera’s new single “The Mist” encapsulates the feeling of alienation and loneliness that can come with the holiday. The song, released on February 9 balances a brutal lament with ghostly rhythms that evoke a lingering feeling of a lost love. Rivera’s vocals cultivate pure melancholy and longing for someone who contained so much warmth and comfort for the singer. The lyrics phrased as questions, answered by no one are another painful yet relatable feature of the song, as we’ve all wondered what went wrong in certain relationships that felt so secure. Even with the heartwrenching aura of “The Mist,” Rivera himself is far from fading away. The young singer is set to keep touring around the New Jersey area including an exciting return to The Stone Pony later this month. In addition to “The Mist,” Rivera has also hinted at new music down the line and is slated to keep expanding his musical capabilities in any way he can.

Q. This single is out just a week before Valentine’s Day but it feels more like a melancholic breakup song. Was this something you noted when you were deciding when to release the song?

A. Yes! The Mist is a track for everyone that is alone and sulking on Valentine’s Day. Although the holiday is about love, it’s also important to recognize that heartbreak is a part of love and I wanted to express those emotions in the song.


Q. This song has so many layers to it, musically and lyrically. How does the musical production elevate the lyrical content?

A. Really good question! I put a lot of thought into this when I was writing it. The song is about having to separate from your partner when you don’t want to and having their presence linger. The feeling grows and grows until it takes over and chaos follows. The music reflects this by, again, growing and growing until the instrumentals take over and the voice falls back.


Q. You’re undergoing a rebranding right now, changing your artist title from Gabriel Rivera to Gabe Rivera. Talk about this choice.

A. It’s much more than just a slight name change. For the past two or so years I’ve been releasing music that I wrote, recorded, and produced all alone in my bedroom. However, now I’m playing very frequently with my live band and we’re growing rapidly which is opening so many doors for us. I want to make higher quality music and a more memorable brand, which all starts with the name change.


Q. Your winter tour is still going strong! You recently played with girlbossanova in Clifton on February 11th and you’re playing Crossroads in Garwood on February 22nd. What are you excited about for these upcoming shows?

A. I loved being able to play with Girlbossanova. Their music and style are hypnotizing and seeing their set is something I’ve been meaning to do since I last played with them in February 2023. I was also lucky enough to be joined by Back to June, a band that played with us at Stone Pony last time I was there and one that I admire very much. Speaking of Stone Pony, we’re going back! We were invited to play again on Sunday, February 25. This time, they gave us a longer set and one of the two headlining spots. I’m forever grateful and incredibly excited for these opportunities.


Q. In addition to your rebranding, you’re planning on rereleasing some songs onto a new album. What hints can you give about this upcoming project?

A. The new project is going to be a mix of professional re-recordings of the songs I have released in the past and a few new songs that I’ve been working on recently. Right now it’s scheduled to release around May, although things might change in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to share the EP!


Q. Going forward in 2024, what else are you hoping to accomplish? What new musical endeavors are on the horizon for you?

A. I hope to keep expanding my audience and reach, as well as playing bigger and better shows. Some shows I’m excited for include the American Dream Mall with Söūp, an incredibly talented band that I’m excited to share the stage with, more shows at the Pony, and some radio stations. In addition to that, I plan on releasing my music as the year goes on and submitting it to radio stations around the country.

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