Clearpath EPM CEO Mike Johnson Discusses the Necessity of Safety Planning in Everyday Environments

No one should have to worry about existential threats as they enter their workplace, school, or place of worship. The unfortunate reality is, that due to the increase in mass shootings, hate crimes, and overall decline in mental health, frequent worrying has infused itself with daily navigations and activities of life.

Though anxieties can be difficult to subdue, there are ways we can plan for potentially dangerous situations and implement safe practices so that if such incidents arise preparations will be in place. This is the continuous mission of Mike Johnson, CEO of the emergency planning and management organization Clearpath EPM. With a vigorous approach to managing individual threats faced by certain communities, Clearpath works to ensure that these areas are as equipped as possible with the resources to manage crises and reduce fear.

Credit: Clearpath EPM 

Q. How would you describe Clearpath EPM’s mission to someone who had never heard of the organization before?

A. Clearpath EPM’s approach to safety is distinct because it goes beyond traditional security measures to incorporate social and emotional solutions, creating a comprehensive safety ecosystem. By combining physical and procedural safety with psychological support, Clearpath EPM helps clients to be proactive rather than reactive in their response to disruptive events or incidents, making their communities safer and more resilient. Our customized approach and proprietary technology, combined with Clearpath EPM’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, make us a valuable partner for organizations looking to create a safer environment for their stakeholders.


Q. What are some of the main takeaways and influences you’ve derived from your time in law enforcement to help build Clearpath EPM?

A. The importance of training and preparing people to respond to events rather than react.


Q. You offer courses specifically designed for schools, churches, businesses, and other everyday places. How did you go about assessing the individual threats each of these places might face?

A. We teach and train organizations how to determine their own threats and then rank them according to the probability of occurrence.


Q. What does Clearpath’s TOTALITY safety platform provide for businesses and other essential areas?

A. Education on emergency planning, tools to assess for threats, hazards, and vulnerabilities, mitigation strategies, emergency response team development and management, training and drilling documentation, creation of quick action emergency response protocols (i.e., lockdown, evacuation, shelter in place), and much more.

Q. You and Bruce Mills founded Clearpath EPM in 2014. Describe what stood out to you about our world safety-wise back then.

A. We started working with international schools all over the globe and recognized that they lacked the support that schools in the US might have.


Q. What were some of the main concerns back then you were trying to tackle with Clearpath EPM?

A. Same as it is today. It’s about teaching others the importance of training and planning to respond to various disruptive events that will happen.

Q. In 2023, and moving into 2024, what are some of the most glaring threats you think our world faces, and how does Clearpath EPM work to combat them?

A. Political unrest and violence, the war in Ukraine, and the war in Israel-Palestine. Again, people need to understand what the threats are, create a plan to respond to those threats, and then train and drill on the responses to those threats.


Q. Please share a client story that has impacted you and how it inspired you to keep Clearpath as a viable resource.

A. It’s not any one story but rather when a school or business comes to us for assistance, stating that they heard Clearpath EPM is the go-to company for safety and preparedness solutions.


Q. The mission of Clearpath EPM states, “We believe in improving every day. As the world evolves, so do we.” What are some of the actions Clearpath EPM is taking to continue to actively evolve?

A. We are always looking for ways to improve our TOTALITY platform, create new technological solutions such as our Incident Mitigation and Management mobile app, and expand our training opportunities and offerings.


Q. How does Clearpath EPM plan to expand accessibility so that more people can benefit from its resources?

A. We are looking to add the Spanish and Portuguese language to our TOTALITY software platform which will open up access to many more places.

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