HBO Max March 2023 News and New Releases

What’s the news on  HBO Max this month? Pop Culture Press has it all.

Sports Streaming 

HBO Max has added the question how interested are you in any of the live seasonal sports to its survey. While many may argue HBO has covered live sports such as boxing, they have yet to get involved with any of the majors such as NBA, NFL, MLB, or Soccer. It appears they may be positioning themselves to give it a go with something such as weekly college, NFL or featured NBA matchups live. 

Bruce Lee’s Original Vision Airs In June 2023

Few know the TV show Kung-Fu starring Keith Carradine in the 1970s on broadcast television was the brainchild of Bruce Lee. Those that do know, also know it is a bastardized version of his original vision according to Bruce Lee’s widow.  Strange that after Warrior began on Cinemax, it was picked up by HBO where a cult following grew. Thus it was renewed for its last season by HBO which at the time was fully owned by Warner Bros. The irony is that Bruce Lee’s wife asserts Warner Bros. stole Bruce’s concept and developed the show Kung-Fu. As such, both Kung-Fu and Warrior share a similar plot line and exist in the same time period.  For fan faithful, Warrior returns to HBO Max in June 2023 according to series veteran Perry Yung. “If I haven’t said it lately…I love my job. Warrior Season 3 coming to HBO Max June 29th!”

HBO Cancels Yet Another Show Less Than Week After Last Cancellations

We are halfway through March and it was early January when the news was that HBO was done with cancellations. Yet for almost five months since the Discovery merger, the cancellations are rampant. What has HBO Max canceled today? Today it’s Gossip Girl (gone after two seasons).  Vegas should start setting odds on what cancellations will drop on a weekly basis. 

Elseworld Batman Scores Voice of Lex Luthor for Live Penguin Series

Big name big actor Clancy Brown is no stranger to superhero franchises. His acting career has spanned decades while transitioning to more voice acting due to his distinctive baritone voice in a vast number of animated shows and films. He’s been busy in recent years with series such as Spongebob, Rick, & Morty, and DuckTales to Robot Chicken

He’s hardly noticeable as Dameon Darkblood in Amazon Prime Video’s Invincible series. In the world of DC, he’s well known for voicing Lex Luthor in the animated Lego franchise. You’ve most likely recognized him in Marvel’s Punisher series on Netflix playing his typecast role of a military veteran, Major Schoonover and similarly cast in TV’s Flash as General Wade Eiling. With his addition to the upcoming Penguin series, can you guess what role he’ll be playing? 

The latest round of shows canceled or leaving HBO

Say goodbye to these shows on HBO: Gossip Girl and South Side, join:

About Last Night
An American Pickle
Aquaman: King of Atlantis
At Home with Amy Sedaris
Charm City Kings
Close Enough
Czech It Out!
Doom Patrol
Ellen’s Next Great Designer
Esme & Roy
FBOY Island
Final Space
Finding Magic Mike
Full Bloom
Generation Hustle
Gordita Chronicles
Head of the Class
Here and Now
Infinity Train
K Street
Little Ellen
Locked Down
Love Life
Made for Love
Mrs. Fletcher
My Dinner with Herve
My Mom, Your Dad
Next Generation
Raised by Wolves
Ravi Patel’s Pursuit of Happiness
Select Sesame Street Episodes
Summer Camp Island
The Fungies!
The Informant
The Last O.G.
The Misery Index
The Nevers
The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo
The Runaway Bunny Special
The Sleepers
The Time Traveller’s Wife
The WitchesTig n’ Seek
Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs


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