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Pop Culture Press presents the latest Disney+ news for May 2023. 

Disney+ May Unbundle ESPN Here’s Why

Unbundling ESPN means Disney+ can potentially reduce the overall cost of the streaming bundle, making it more affordable for subscribers. For instance, sports programming is often subject to broadcasting rights and licensing agreements, leading to higher costs for Disney.  ESPN caters to a specific audience interested in sports, which actually doesn’t align with the broader entertainment focus of Disney’s streaming platform. By separating ESPN from the bundle, Disney can offer a more streamlined and tailored package for entertainment enthusiasts. This would allow subscribers to choose their preferred content without having to pay for sports programming they may not be interested in. Perhaps a bit more in the weeds ….consider that removing ESPN would also enable Disney to forge partnerships with other sports-centric streaming services or develop a dedicated sports streaming platform to better serve sports fans. It doesn’t take much to see that such a move would give Disney the flexibility to optimize its streaming offerings and cater to the diverse interests of its audience more effectively.

Everything Indiana Jones In One Day

What may be Harrison Ford’s last Indiana Jones adventure movie, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will hit theaters June 30th. That gives you thirty days to watch all of the previous Indian Jones movies combined with the Young Indiana Jones series on Disney+ starting May 31st. 

Two Disney+ 2023 MCU Shows Get Release Dates

The two final MCU shows on Disney+ for 2023 are the much anticipated Loki season 2 and the no so anticipated season 1 of Echo. Loki drops in October while Echo follows the next month. If there is any doubt that Loki is a big title, it will serve up new episodes weekly starting October 6th. On the other hand, Echo will drop the entire season all at once on November 29th. 

Is Disney Losing Jon Favreau?

With season 3 of The Mandalorian over, talk of Jon Favreau leaving Disney seems more true than ever. The rumors started early in season 3.  By January of 2023, many websites began reporting that Favreau was thinking of leaving Disney or would leave Disney over Kathleen Kennedy stepping on his creative vision and process. A public example of this is how Grogu’s story had played out and Kennedy demanded the character return to the show. But for many fans throughout season three, the disjointed, forced, and contrived storylines didn’t add up. The answer appears to be that Jon Favreau decided to simply honor his contractual obligation and no more. He gave Kennedy exactly what she wanted. The failure of season three rests on her head and she’s the reason the show became a train wreck. This answers why some actors returned suddenly and others who were planning to be in the show are tweeting or commenting how they were expecting to be in The Mandalorian season 3 but were not.  

For anyone asking if Kennedy can be taken out of the picture, the answer is now. Time and again the rumor mill spoke of her being challenged or expected to be booted. Instead, she’s now got a rock-solid contract and is going nowhere.  Jon Favreau may be leaving. If he does, he takes with him a host of hugely desirable assets such as his fostering the new production technique known as StageCraft which uses circular LED video walls. 

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